Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

... horoscope chart cast for Monday, September 1st, 2014


Standing in the Middle of Nowhere
Wondering how to Begin
Lost between tomorrow and yesterday
...Between now and then

And now we're Back where we Started
Here we go round again...
Day after day I get up and I say
...I better do it again

Where are all the people going?
Round and round till we reach the end
One day leading to another...
...Get up, go out, do it again

And you think today is going to be better
...Change the world and do it again
Give it all up and start all over...
You say you will... But you don't know when

The days go by and you wish you were a different guy
Different friends and a new set of clothes
You make alterations... And affect a new pose...
A new house... A new car... A new job... A new nose...
But it's superficial... And it's only skin deep
Because the voices in your head keep shouting in your sleep
Get back... Get back...

Back where you started... Here we go round again
Back where you started... Come on,.. Do it again

((( The Kinks - Do It Again )))

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daniel This week's chart has all the elements of Modern Life wrapped up into it... The vibe seems to show-case the usual robotic "ruts & routines" of everyday life... But just like the calvary comin' riddin' in to save the day, we have Mars & Saturn in Scorpio that seem to cry out: "What the hell are we doing and why?"... hehe...

Work with me on this...
We only get so many days to be "alive"... Each morning is a blessing and a bonus... The morning sunshine reminds us to "get up & do it again"... To seek out the ways to enhance our own & the lives of others... Yeah, we all have our "jobs/tasks" that need to be done... But we can choose to do them with style (mars) and excellence (saturn) and to put our heart & soul (scorpio) into whatever we do... Even if it's as simple as cuttin' the lawn or doin' the dishes... Trackin' with me on this?

With the Sun & Lilith being connected in the sign of Virgo... This is a planetary indicator that we need to "let go" of the reasons & excuses we accept for not moving forward... You can visualize this energy as Lilith being the "Dark Side of the Moon" and the Sun trying to bring illumination to it... This is the universe telling us to "stop belly-achin' and get on with it"... hehe... And Lilith adds the element that there may be plenty of surprises and unexpected results/bonuses when we do choose to rise above our obstacles.

Modern Life and it's "media" will surely try to fight & resist with it's endless attempts to bring us division & negativity... Hell, it's always easier to "blame someone else" than to get up, go out and do it again... And that is what Jupiter in Leo now indicates... It's the call to rise above the "public opinion" and to be strong enough to be the lion that can "Lead by Example"... Jupiter's energy can be very much like the Buddha's... Compassion mixed with wisdom.

So just like you guys... With all the programming I've been doing lately my mind is overloaded with functions, variables, loops, blah blah blah... But today's a another chance to get it right... so that is what I choose to do... And if I screw it up, then hopefully I'll have a tomorrow to give it another go... So thanks for stopping by... And if you like the 'scopes how 'bout hittin' the "like" button below to share the 'scopes with your friends... Personally, I don't use the facebook, but everybody keeps telling me to suggest that... hehe... Anyway... It's the long holiday weekend and it's way too nice outside to be sittin' indoors writin' the 'scopes... I'll talk to ya's during the week in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The core of the new pages are now running... But there are still a lot of adjustments needed... So send me your commments & suggestions now, while I am still making changes & edits... Email Daniel... Thanks!!!

Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Your overall chart will continue to bring you more into the focus & attention of others... This is a very transforming kind of energy, but it also connects deep within you and requires you to see further into the way things really work... This energy will radically increase your wisdom & understanding... It will do what is necessary to bring you to higher levels of enlightement... Travel often factors strongly into this.. It's about being at the right places at the right times!

You'll start the week with what can be a heavy emotional load... This is basically your mind/heart processing all the info it's been acquiring and it works best when you keep yourself very busy so you don't have time to think... The chart is helping your mind put all the pieces together so you can create an effective "action plan for the future"... Later in the week you slide into your high cycle & then the vibe becomes fun & much more social... Go out & have fun!!

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