Weekly Horoscope for Aries

... horoscope chart cast for Monday, May 25th, 2015


Everybody's high on consolation
Everybody's trying to tell me
What is right for me, yeah
I need a drink and a quick decision
Now it's up t
o me, ooooh what will be

She's gone, she's gone...
Oh, why... Oh, why...
I better learn how to face it
She's gone, she's gone...
Oh, why... Oh, why...
I'd pay the devil to replace her
She's gone, she's gone
Oh, why... What went wrong...

Get up in the morning, look in the mirror
One less tooth brush hanging in the stand
My face ain't looking any younger
Now what I can see...
Love's taken a toll on me...

Think I'll spend eternity in the city
Let the carbon and monoxide choke my thoughts away
And pretty bodies help dissolve the memories
There can never be what she once was to me

((( Hall & Oates - She's Gone )))

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It's Memorial Holiday Weekend here in the good ol' USA... That means having Burnt Offerings on the "Barbie-Que"... And there was much rejoicement!... hehe... So, the weekly-scopes are going to be "condensed" this week so I can get back outside... I am building Solar Heating panels to heat my swimming pool... I am channeling my inner "Mad Scientist" hehe... And so far, the system is working fairly well.

In classic Mercury retrograde fashion...
Things are already getting all goofed up... The daily horoscope schedule will change slightly this week... I'll write the Tuesday 'Scope... Bud will write the Weds daily 'Scope... Bud flew to "Balty-more" for a Music Festival/Concert... And I'll be off to "Pennsyl-tucky" for a few days for a funeral... (uggh)...

Work with me on this...
Surely the universe does not want things to go along as planned under these conditions... Just think... We have Mercury retrograde... We have a Stellium in Gemini... We have a Venus-Pluto/Uranus Cardinal T-Square... And we also have Pluto-Mercury-Jupiter Yod... Sheeshka... Just one of those planet configurations is enough to sit up & take notice... But with 5 major placements in play, it's very exciting because anything & everything is possible and the outcomes all depend upon how WE choose to deal with the energy... We can take the negative path of "least resistance" or we can choose to rise above!!

Because each of these energy patterns can be both completely energizing one moment and draining the next. the idea is to "roll with it" when the energy is "up" and to kick back and take things much easier when it's not...

The other HUGE factor in this is that this can be extremely emotionally charged energy... Some do not know how to understand or how to deal with the intensity & inner conflicts, so they create "high drama" situations to help "justify" taking exagerrated actions... Just by being aware of this (by reading this horoscope) you'll have a HUGE advantage by not allowing yourself to get pulled into madness/drama.

The best thing we can do with energy pattens like this is to remain "cool, calm & collected" and not taking ourselves & the things we do too seriously... Personally, I try to remain "detached" and focused on doing/accomplishing what I can while everybody else is "dazed & confused"... Hehe... And that system will work just as well for you too...

Anyway... That's it for right now... I'll talk to ya's tomorrow and throughout the week in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Weekly Horoscope for Aries

Your week is intended to be one of greater learning, discovery and increased awareness... This is the universe prompting you to "ask why?" or "how come?" when presented with ideas or facts that you are just "supposed" automatically accept... With chart energy like this, this is when there tends to be a lot of "flim-flam" going on behind the scenes... You cannot prevent others from being jerky, but you can do yourself a world of good by adhering to high standards of integrity!!

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