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Weekly Horoscope Summary for Aquarius...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, August 31st, 2015

Song of the Week

I once had a sweet little girl... I lose my baby... Ain't that sad?
Once had a good little girl... I lose my baby... Ain't that bad?
You can't Spend what you Ain't Got...
...You can't Lose what you Ain't never Had!

I had money in the bank... I got busted boys, Ain't that sad?
Had money in the bank... I got busted... Baby ain't that bad?
You can't Spend what you Ain't Got...
...You can't Lose what you Ain't never Had!

Ain't that the truth boys

Had a sweet little home... It got burned down boys ain't that bad?
It was my own fault... People ain't that sad?
You can't Spend what you Ain't Got...
...You can't Lose what you Ain't never Had!

((( Muddy Waters - You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had )))

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Yeah, for almost a year I've been writing about the Blood Moon Tetrad and the importance of the Shmittah year... And the upcoming beginning of the Year of Jubilee... I've writtened about how historically, the financial markets go through a "judgment" at the end of each 7 year Shmittah cycle... ON the last Shmittah year, we had a 777 point drop... Early last the Dow was down over 1000 pts before i started to regain itself... (Ahhh... that wasn't so bad was it... Certainly not enough to get worked up over)... That's what many are saying as they jump back into the market.

The Media blames China for the Economic "down-turn"... Our world leaders love to point the finger of blame at others, but we all know it was them that has dropped the ball... But deep inside, everybody knows the real reason is that people just aren't buying things... The main reason is that many just do not have the dough to spend... Or they're reaching their credit limits... Besides, China cannot manufacture and ship products if people are not ordering them... (duhhh)... hehe... Whatever... In astrology, China is best represented by the Sign of Aquarius... And with it's ruler Uranus retrograde right now, it's going to go through temporary "re-structuring", but on the whole, the chart shows that it's in good shape, but at the moment it is at the mercy of it's trading partners.

The Shmittah Year ends on September 13th... And is followed by the Year of Jubilee that begins on on September 23rd (First day of Libra)... It's known as The day of Atonement... (at-one-ment)... And the ancients said that at this time, all debts were to be wiped clean... The idea was to "re-boot" the economy and to restore spiritual values or deal with spiritual judgments... (( GULP))... hehe...

There must be big money in "fear-porn" because so many are pushing the panic buttons for September 23rd... Personally, I am a bit concerned... As I think there will be financial judgments made throughout the year... The markets could plunge as a result... That's why I've written so much about "owning things of real and lasting value"... Historically, this pattern has lead to wars and conflicts appearing... I also suspect that many of the national borders of many countries will be re-drawn as some empires fade and are replace by others as it has happened so many times in history before us.

No, I am not seeing this as a time of "doom and gloom" but it is a time when a lot more personal responsibility and self-sufficiency will be needed as this transformation is underway... I see it like this... One of the few things that really scare me is going to the Dentist... But as much as I do not like going, chances are while you are reading on Monday, I'll be sitting in my Dentist's chair dealing with that tool of torture... (the drill)... Arrgg... hehe... I don't like to go, but an hour or so afterwards I am good to go once again... That's how I see this chart.

That's it for right now... Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to you guys during the week in the daily horoscopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius...

Your overall chart makes it very clear that this is one of those times when you need to treat yourself to as much extra kindness and consideration as possible... Mars & Venus in your 7th shows that your relationships with others are being "re-balanced" and that put a load on your feelings & emotions... Jupiter & Sun on the cusp of the 8th shows the need for more physical activity ... (especially love & affection if you know the language I'm speakin')... A very intense time for you!!

Your weekly chart indicates that much of what is happening (especially behind the scenes) is currently above & beyond your ability to control so you just have to deal with everything in a moment by moment way because somehow, everything will change & turn around... This is when "keeping the faith" is a requirement... Allow nothing to break your faith in both yourself and your abilities... Magic is trying to happen, you would be wise to get out of the way and let it happen!!

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