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Weekly Horoscope Summary for Capricorn...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, August 24th, 2015

Song of the Week

How I wish that you were here again...
...How I wish that you were here again

If I could see you and touch you with my hand...
...If I could feel you, I know damn well I can't

How I wish that you were here again...
...How I wish I had you near again

If I could see you, Oh just now and then...
...If I could feel you, I'd do my time again

Oh Honey, honey, honey... Yeah...

If I could kiss you, caress you now and then...
...Ooh just to thrill you, I'd do life again... Yeah

Oh Honey, honey, honey... Yeah

How I wish that you were here again... Oh Honey, honey... Yeah...
How I wish you were here again, Oh honey

((( Keith Richards/Expensive Winos - How I Wish )))

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Weekly Horoscope Summary for Capricorn...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, August 24th, 2015

These can be strange days for sure Moon-doggies... What is really messing with people lately, are all the Retrograde planets... Uranus... Chiron... Neptune... Lilith... and Venus... When astrologers talk about retrograde planets, you'll often hear the explanation that the energy is "inward"... But when I was starting to study astrology when I was a kid, I always wondered what the hell does that mean?... hehe...

Picture this... You're having a simple conversation and the moment a certain word is said, the other person is no longer hearing a word you said because that word triggered a powerful memory that was deeply personal and emotional that they are re-playing in their mind... Or it can be the most innocent comments that can send a person deep into the realm of the mind... The problem is that often the conversation keeps going... The speaker doesn't realize the other is back in "memory-ville"... Later on, when a disagreement appears... We hear things like "But you said this..." Or "You never said that"... (blah blah blah)... That is why I always stress the need to get important agreements in writing when the planets are retrograde.

"But I thought ___This__ Would Happen...." Yeah, we've all heard that a lot too... It's gotten to where as soon as I start to mention "changes" I want to make to the website servers, the first thing Bob will say is "is Mercury retrograde"?... hehe... We have a standing rule never to mess with the machines when Mercury (communications) is retrograde...

Work with me on this... Right now, we have:
Uranus retro messes with our thought process... It's like Mercury retro on steroids... The danger is that there is a tendency to "over-think" or to try to be too "clever and crafty" for our own good... With Uranus retro, the game plan is to keep things as simple & basic as possible...

Neptune retro causes others to want to "help" or "fix" others... It's mostly done with the best of intentions, but it's really more of a control thing of trying to cause others to conform to their way of thinking or doing things... Good intentions do not guarantee good results... This energy reminds us to mind our own business (unless asked to help) and to "fix" ourselves before we try to fix others.

Chiron retro brings out the clumsiness in us... You'll see people walkin' around, getting distracted and banging into something... Chiron's energy is very physical (athletic)... It's deeply spiritual and giving too... But when it's retro (as it is now) the energy tells us that it's time to "heal ourselves" from the hurt/pain from the past... (get over it)... It's the core "moving forward" energy that hopes to inspire us to get up & get moving!!

Lilith retro is there to help us purge any negativity & anger from within us... This is the "Welcome to Wacky-ville" vibe or you could call it "The Dark Side of the Moon"... It tries to bring light into all the things we try to hide or ignore from within ourselves...

Venus retro... This energy is there to re-balance or re-define our ideas and perspectives regarding things that have "real & lasting value and meaning to us"... It can be a great time to buy and sell... We're seeing the effects of this in the stock market as values are being "corrected"...

The retrograde effects of this chart are what is causing the instability we encounter in our lives... The key is not to try to fix what really isn't broken... And if things really are broken, then take the time to find out the real cause and handle things in the most simple and effective ways... If you find yourself trying to be too clever or crafty, or making things way more complicated than they need to be, then give yourself a shake... hehe...

Anyway... That's it for now... Big time thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to ya's during the week in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn...

Patterns like this in your overall chart are sure to throw a "wrench into the works" by giving you unexpected issues & challenges to appear in the least likely places... This is a chart that tends to cause rivals and competition to appear... (especially now as others are likely to be quite jealous/envious of you & your charm/charisma)... You do have to realize that you are in a bit of a "waiting pattern" & the universe isn't going to allow you to get too far ahead of yourself/others.

Your weekly chart calls upon you to take your wildest & most creative ideas and to find a way to put them into practical use... Part of this deals with being able to look back at the past actions (cause & effect) of others to see what they have done to reach success... There is a huge learning curve attached to this transit... As the week goes on, the vibe shifts and this is when you need to almost totally rely upon your intuition & inner voice... Got to believe in yourself right now!!

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