Weekly Horoscope Summary for Capricorn...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, July 25th, 2016

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I can't get no satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no

When I'm drivin' in my car
And that man comes on the radio
And he's tellin' me more and more
About some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination
I can't get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that's what I say

When I'm watchin' my TV
And that man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts can be
But he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke
The same cigarrettes as me
I can't get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that's what I say

When I'm ridin' round the world
And I'm doin' this and I'm signing that
And I'm tryin' to make some girl
Who tells me baby better come back later next week
Cause you see I'm on losing streak
I can't get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that's what I say
I can't get no, I can't get no
I can't get no satisfaction

((( Rolling Stones - Satisfaction )))

When I look at this weekly horoscope, the thing that jumps out at you and demands your attention are the criss-crossing Yod's that are in effect... One of them has Pluto (capricorn) connected to Neptune (pisces) and both are in challenging alignments that are pointing to Venus (leo) seeking resolution there... That one is loaded with romantic, financial and the need for "truth" to shatter long standing illusions.

Then we have Jupiter (virgo) connected to Mars (scorpio) in challenging alignment to Uranus (aries) and seeking resolution there... This configuration is the rather bizarre because it wants action and it want it NOW... (HURRY UP FERCRISSAKES DANIEL AND GET TO THE POINT... AND PASS THE FREAKIN' OLIVES TOO!!)... hehe... Yeah, this energy can be passionate, intense, aggressive and tends to exaggerate little details and can expand, bend, twist and mutilate the facts... hehe...

So looking at the chart, it reminds of that scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow and doesn't know which direction to go... You can go this way, or you can go that way... Or you try to go both ways... (or something like that)...

What is wild about Yod's is that they are intended to bring beneficial results into our lives... The often appear when we reach those personal inner cross-roads or find ourselves in "no-win" or stalemated situations... Or being asked to choose from "the lessor of two evils"... But what happens is that the two connected planets look to a third (venus or uranus) to settle things in a non-biased positive way... It finds ways to compromise and to incorporate the best of both energies.

In this chart, the Uranus Yod is there to get things moving in our lives... It's a call to action and if we go along with it voluntarily, then things have a way of just falling into place for us... If we procrastinate, then the Mars/Jupiter energy has a way of causing impulsive or reckless actions of others to "nudge" us into moving one way or another.

The Venus Yod works the same way as the other, as is there to blast apart the illusions that we cling to in order to be able to see a clear path towards our own individual success, satisfaction and dreams/goals... It prompts us to overcome the reasons and excuses we cling to for not trying or following through on what we know needs to be done... I remember growing up when I'd reach a point like this my dad (the chief) used to say "either shit or get off the pot"... hehe... He had a way of summing things up in the simplest of ways. hehe...

How this energy plays itself out for each of us will depend greatly on the where these planets are located in our natal/birth charts... If you are a member, you should definitely check out the Planet Transiting Your Chart Page to see where Mars/Jupiter/Uranus are... As well as Pluto/Neptune/Venus are... (with extra emphasis on Venus & Uranus)... These will help you narrow down where the choices and decisions will need to be made.

Anyway... Big time thanks for stoppin' by!... It's summertime so I try to spend as much time as I can outside... All the kids/gran-chillun's are comin' over for my daughter Jule-Bear's birthday so I am gonna cut this short... I'll talk to you guys in the daily horoscopes throughout the week.

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn...

The weekly horoscope for Capricorn is loaded with strong & powerful emotions... The key to this chart is not allowing yourself to get caught up in the "compare yourself and what you have to others" madness... hehe... This is very important because the entire vibe of the chart will change in a few more weeks when Saturn (your ruling planet) returns to direct motion... I'm sure you guys are already feeling this as it slows down... What happens now is that you start to see brand new opportunities where you only saw problems in the past... New doors seem to open for you too... Ultimately there will be decisions that need to be made... Do you remain on your current path or do you set out in a new direction?... The chart shows that anything will be possible... Get ready!!

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07/26/2016 Tue 1:22am EDT Moon Aries Conjunct Uranus Aries
You are very much involved with all that is traditional, but with this special twist: you are a revolutionary when it comes to the domestic scene and have very special insights into home, family, and surroundings. Others find you original (certainly very different) and perhaps unpredictable, especially when it comes to emotional reactions. Your approach to feelings, moods, and the whole psychological gambit is novel. You tend to show emotions suddenly and/or in unusual ways. You like unconventional friends and are a nonconformist yourself. Independent women may be important to you.

07/26/2016 Tue 2:22pm EDT Moon Taurus Conjunct Ceres Taurus
07/26/2016 Tue 4:00pm EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Vesta Cancer
07/26/2016 Tue 4:18pm EDT Moon Taurus Oppose Juno Scorpio
07/26/2016 Tue 6:02pm EDT Sun Leo Square Moon (Half Moon) Taurus
07/26/2016 Tue 8:25pm EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Pallas Pisces
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07/12/2016 Tue 12:30am EDT Venus enters Leo
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07/22/2016 Fri 4:18am EDT Sun enters Leo
07/30/2016 Sat 1:15pm EDT Mercury enters Virgo
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07/29/2016 Fri 11:35am EDT Uranus Aries Retrograde

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