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Weekly Horoscope for Pisces


Weekly Horoscope cast for Monday, November 13th, 2017
by daniel "whelland" dowd

Song of the Week

Cursum perficio.

Verbum sapienti:

Quo plus habent,

Eo plus cupiunt.

Post nubila, Phoebus


[English Translation]

I Finish the Course.
(My Journey Ends Here)

A Word to the Wise:

The more people have...

...The more they want.

After the Clouds, Light

((( Enya - Cursum Perficio )))

Weekly Summary...

We have a Fire Grand Trine that is active in the chart and this energy is there to help set us up for what can be very long term gains and prosperity... Grand Trines are often seen as super beneficial that allow things to happen easily and naturally... So let's strap on our protective head gear and go into the chart to take a look at what is going on... And we'll do it Moon-Doggie Style... hehe...

Yup, a Fire Grand Trine... This energy tends to have that "Go Big, or Go Home" kind of quality to it... It's the kind of energy that you can "feel" that something big is trying to happen to each of us... So much so, that the danger is that a lot (most) people seem to stop doing the things that they've been successful at, and seem to stop and wait for the magic to happen... But this energy does not work that way... Let's get into it...

Astrology is a lot easier to understand that it's really the balance or perhaps love-story between the Big Spirit (universe) and each of us Human-Beans... There are no accidents or wasted effort in the charts... Grand Trines promise us fantastic results and rewards... But... (pointing to my Butt)... That is if we are willing to "go along" and learn the lessons it (universe) is trying to teach us... A "Fire" Grand Trine is there to initiate action... What tends to happen is we find ourselves suddenly looking at a new project or task that seems to need our attention... If we choose to "go for it" then the chart leads us down a path in a step-by-step manner.

Even with a Fire Grand Trine, you surely cannot expect the universe to bend you over and kiss you on the butt and throw rose pedals at your feet... That is not likely to happen... But you can bet there will be some kind of opportunity to rise to much higher level of life, love and experiences if you are willing to also rise above the actions or attitudes that hold you down... Letting go of worn out ideas or actions is hard to do, but this energy is all about being willing to embrace truth regardless of the when, how, who or why it is delivered through.

Members should go to the Planets Transiting your Natal Chart and pay close attention to Saturn and Uranus... For both the Signs and Houses they are currently passing through (transit) your Birth Chart... That will give you a lot more insight into how this will affect YOU and YOUR natal chart... The Node part of this configuration deals with strong elements of fate and destiny involved in this energy... The kind that is really hard to anticipate in advance.

Anyway... This looks like a exciting and energetic week... So let's get right to it...

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys during the week in the daily horoscopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Pisces...

The weekly horoscope for Pisces has an energy that strongly suggests that you treat yourself with a hell of a lot more kindness and consideration this week... There is a tendency to take on too much responsibility... Especially where others just "assume or expect" you to step in and handle things (like you usually do)... This energy reminds you to handle your own tasks and duties first!!!... If you burn-out, then you'll be useless to both yourself and others too... Get extra rest/relaxation!!

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