Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

... horoscope chart cast for Monday, March 23rd, 2015


I've had enough of bein' Nice
I've had enough of Right and Wrong
I've had enough of tryin' to Love my Brother
I've had enough of bein' Good
And doin' everything like I'm told I should
If you need a lover, you'd better find another

Life is for the Living!!...
...Takers never Giving!!

Suspicion takes the place of trust
My love is turning into lust
If you get on the wrong side of me you better run for cover
I've had enough of bein' trodden on
My passive days are gonna be long gone
If you slap one cheek, well, I ain't gonna turn the other

Life is for the Living!!...
...Takers never Giving!!

Fooling no one... But ourselves...
Love is Dying...

Here comes the End...
...Here comes the End of the World!!

I'm gettin' sick of this Universe
Ain't gonna get better, it's gonna get worse
And the world's gonna sink with the weight of the human race
Hate and fear in every face
I'm gettin' ready and I've packed my case
If you find somewhere better, can you save my place?

((( The Who - Had Enough )))

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I remember way back when I was a kid and studying Astrology... There would be these HUGE astrological events that would take place... Like the Solar Eclipse that took place last Friday... I'd think to myself "What's all the Fuss About?"... Later I learned that was just a part of the "Human Conditioning"... Where we learn to see things in a "I want it all, and I want it Now" kind of way... Eclipse energies usually bring about changes over the following 6 months... But the planet energies are Super-Cool and very laid back... They have all of eternity to get the job done... No frantic or hectic high drama shifts... No Worries!!...

The image below shows you the current positions of the planets... Saturn & Jupiter are retrograde with the Earth positioned between them on the Cusps of Aries & Libra... Balance is the key word here... The need to maintain balance in our own lives... And to also understand the balance between the forces of "Fate" and "Destiny" too... There are certain events that are "destined" to take place that cannot be changed... The events that are "written in the stars"... But there is also the force of "Fate" that is largely determined by our own actions & perceptions.

The ancients had the correct perspective when they said... "While you are alive and what you do in the meantime is a Fate that you can change or affect... Enjoy it, and make the most of it..." And that is something I completely agree with... That is the whole concept behind what I often call "Rolling with it!"...

There are certain destinies must play out... That is what Eclipses are all about... They set the stage for what MUST take place... We can try to force our dominion over the planets but let's face it, they're a hell of a lot bigger than we are... hehe... An eclipse on the cusp of Aries is an indicator of wars & conflicts... These conflicts can often be found deep within ourselves... Pisces takes a Spiritual path while Aries wants a more aggressive & earthy path... It's the force of "Fate" (free choice) within us that determines our own outcomes while dealing with what "destiny" the universe throws at us.

With the Earth in between Saturn & Jupiter... It repeats that same theme of "balance"... It encourages finding compromise, partnerships & cooperation... As Jupiter returns to direct motion, we'll start to see new opportunities and amazing scientific breakthroughs... You can also expect the universe to "humble" mankind in some way as a warning... Just to remind us who is "boss" and so we don't get too full of ourselves... hehe... Saturn retrograde tends to slow the progress of those who operate on "theories and ideology" and rewards those that are practical & effective in their actions.

Yes, so it appears that we are moving into a very interesting time over the next few months... So let's choose to roll with it and take the higher path... To take more control over our own "Fate"... The vibe can get heavy, dark & emotional at times but I guess that is what havin' faith is all about... The song of the Week was chosen both for it's beat, but because the lyrics show the growing apathy in the world... Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to ya's during the week in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

GIR.TAB - "Which Claws and Cuts" - the ancient name for Scorpio
With so many planets moving through your 5th & 6th Houses, this is the kind of pattern that causes your overall chart to shift it's focus at improving the more pleasurable areas of life... This especially includes the romantic areas... At the core of this, it's really about igniting the inner passions & desiring more active & rewarding life experiences... This also includes being fairly compensated for the work & effort you do too, so the career area becomes active too!!

Because you are sending out such strong vibes in your overall chart, your weekly chart energy is beign directed at the "impression" you make upon others... I'll tell ya, if there ever was a time when you were expected to "get it right", it would have to be now... This is when going the extra mile in all that you do can really pay off & open you up to all kinds of new opportunities down the road... Seek excellence in all that you do, as the small details will prove very important!!

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