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The Law of Compensation...

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The Law of Compensation...
Gives out to man justly his payments for his own acts... (whether they are good, bad or indifferent)... Whatever the case, this law automatically exerts itself for reward or punishment distributions. The simple way of saying that is: "You get back what you give out"...

That part is extremely important... as many people always seem to tell others "How much they're always giving"... but the real deal is that even though that might be true, if their efforts are given with a greater negative reasons or forces, their efforts law of compensation will thusly reward them with "less abundance" or with things that prove to be even more "negative"... It would be better to "give nothing at all" than to give something with negative thoughts & feelings attached.

This law ensures us of "equal payment" for "service rendered or injury suffered"... This law does not require that you are able to "see" or be aware of the payment others receive for their deeds. It's the reality that we must "pay for the errors we make" as well as we must be rewarded for the goodness that we do.

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