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The Law of Continuity...

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The Law of Continuity...
This law states that there is no break in nature and nothing passes from one state to another without passing through all the intermediate stages of existence. This statement refers to a process of evolution.

This law actually warns us that the natural law does not stop with the visible and then give place to a new set of laws bearing a strong similitude to them. The Law of the Invisible is the same as the Law of the Visible product of the natural and is not "paranormal"... We must recognize that it covers the spectrum from the Law of Matter through the Law of the Spiritual... In understanding this... we find the law is the revelation of time... and the law itself is the authority.

The law of continuity is really a "law of laws"... Although it's difficult to explain, it's even harder to exhibit... It's been said it's the "Divine Veracity of Nature"... For the universe obeys and behaves.

This law puts the finishing touches onto the harmony of the universe... As we study the law, we fine few exact definitions of the law within the universe... It's difficult for "the thinking man" to conceive of a set of principles or rules to guide him through his natural life and at a certain point... death or suddenly finds himself subject to a new set of laws or rules. Nature does not provide for such... as it's been shown in plant, animal and mineral studies...

It is the science which have created departments and specialization to facilitate our own scale of intelligence... But by no means intends to break the continuity of an evolving universe... The greatness of the law leaves it's final impression on the mind in regard to the uniformity of nature.

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