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The Law of Harmony...

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The Law of Harmony...
(Law of Rhythm)

This is closely related to the law of vibration...However, harmony/rhythm is motion and all motion within the universe is dominated by a particular flowing order. This particular flowing order produces the various manifestations of the universe...

While everything is in the state of vibration there must be a rhythmic consistency to produce a specific manifestation. The key to awareness is to understand how the regulate this vibration, thus changing the motion/rhythm and producing an orderly harmonious flow...

This is the law people encounter the most when they find themselves trying "to force something into happening"... Their actions create vibrations that often prevent the desired affect or change from taking place... The law of harmony therefore reminds us that when we reach those states where we're tempted to try to "force things into happening" that we should instead try to find ways to become more in "rapport" with the universe rather than fighting it's efforts.

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