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The Law of Vibration...

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Law of Vibration...

The law of vibration is important for realizing the natural state in which things exist. There are many forms of matter in this world, and for each of them there is a different rate of vibration. Once we have knowledge of this, we can begin to control the things that exist around us.

By understanding this on a spiritual level, once we learn how to change the rate of vibration in ourselves, we can also change the emotional makeup of our beings, and through this we can grow exponentially as people.

Through thought we can control vibrations. We can create many manifestations of a given situation; we can make it a positive or negative situation just by the way we perceive it. Our perceptions have a great affect on the actual way that situations do unfold. Thoughts are powerful and it is important to use them to change vibrations in a positive manner in order to better ourselves.

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