Yoga Lessons by Donna Marie

Relief From The Heat

by Donna Marie
(re-printed by permission from MyYoga.Center)

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2017 - Year of Harmony

Relief from the Heat.

I come In Peace.

Good day star energies. It is and honor and a privilege to be here with you now. LISTENING. Tuned In. Connected with the constant and continuous flow of positive, protective, supportive, kind, compassionate, subtle, Universal (Divine Source) healing energy.

Yoga positions and techniques are "ancient tools" we (you and me) can use to HELP US remain connected with the constant and continuously flow of pure energy. These are "Tools" we can use to enhance happiness and joy while living in peace and harmony with ourselves, our loved ones, our community, nature, and the Divine, Natural Order of things...Universally speaking.

Here in the Sunshine State, in tropical Florida its Summer Season which means, SHADE is a highly valued commodity. Even the ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, is extremely warm with temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's. The Ocean literally feels like bath water. It's pretty amazing, yet it can be challenging to receive relief from the heat. Summer heat mixed with cosmic tension created from the current planetary "position"... asana.... may result in overloads of tightness and tension.

With that being said, it's time to receive relief from the heat. Time to release internal tightness and tension. Time to naturally restore vitality and strength with eagerness and a positive attitude.

When ready, willing and able, feel free to join, merge, yoga with the Force Field of Pure Potential. To begin, mindfully move into your very own pyramid of protection, better known as Easy Pose.

Sit in an easy, stable, comfortable seated position (Sukasana).

Inhale: lengthen the spine.
Exhale: through the mouth making a "sigh" sound.

Inhale: through the nose with mouth closed, fill the belly with breath.
Exhale: From the top, gently move hands to heart. Into an "offering" (prayer) position.

Anjali Mudra: Palms of hands touch together; Fingers together and extend up; Thumbs rest gently against the heart space (breastbone).

Inhale: Elongate.
Exhale: Release tightness and tension.

Full Three-Part Breathing, if comfortable. Otherwise, breathe from where ever you can, most fully, most comfortably.

Continue breathing this way: Fully, Completely, Consciously and Continuously.

Feel the cool dry air enter the nostrils.
Feel the warm, moist air exit the nostrils.

Inhale: Lengthen
Exhale: Release the eye lids and rest the hands on the knees or in the lap.

Enjoy a few rounds on your own. Stay here as long as you like. Fuel the mind, body and spirit with positive, pure energy (prana).

If you like, press play and enjoy this week's harmony while enjoying a few mindful rounds with your breath.

When finished, gently open your eyes and let your inner light merge (yoga) with the outer light.

Fantastic! Great JOB!

Smile and know you have BETTER prepared yourself for the rest of today. Take a moment now to bow in honor and recognition of your Wholeness, your Completeness and your Greatness. For the glory and honor is yours!

Feel free to return anytime, any day. Whenever you wish to strengthen, your private and personal connection, with the Force Field of Infinite Possibilities, Pure Awareness.

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.
All Love Surround You
And the Pure Light Within You
Guide Your Way On.

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