Weekly Horoscope for Aries ♈

(March 21 - April 19)
Horoscope Cast for: Monday, June 20th, 2022

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Song of the Week

Sailing down behind the Sun
Waiting for the Prince to come
Praying for the Healing Rain
To restore my Soul again
Just a toe rag on the run
How did I get here?
What have I done?
When will all my Hopes Arise?
How will I know him?
When I look in my Father's Eyes
My Father's Eyes
When I look in my father's eyes
My Father's Eyes

Then the Light begins to Shine
And I hear those ancient Lullabies
And as I watch this Seedling grow
Feel my Heart start to Overflow
Where do I find the words to say?
How do I teach him?
What do we play?
Bit by bit, I've realized
That's when I need them
That's when I need my father's eyes
My Father's Eyes
That's when I need my Father's eyes
My father's eyes

Then the Jagged Edge appears
Through the distant Clouds of Tears
I'm like a bridge that was washed away
My foundations were made of clay
As my Soul slides down to die
How could I lose him?
What did I try?
Bit by bit, I've realized
That he was here with me
I looked into my Father's Eyes
My Father's Eyes
I looked into my father's eyes
My father's eyes

((( Eric Clapton - My Fathers Eyes )))

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Happy Fathers Day..!!

This week's energy revolves around the 'home, friends and family' areas of life... The vibe itself tends to be rather laid back, although this is a terrific time to roll up the sleeves and to get busy... It is the things that we can accomplish right now that will allow us to kick back and 'rest and relax' later on... But I am here to tell ya's that I am goin' to 'rest and relax' today..!!

We have plenty of planets in the 'later degrees' of the signs they are in... (Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Venus and the Sun)... That indicates this is a great time to 'finish unfinished tasks and projects'... Especially now that the Sun will enter the sign of Cancer on Tuesday.

It's 7am when I am writing this... I already have the grill fired up and smokin' (low and slow) what will be very tasty treats for this afternoon... That is the very same kind of energy we are dealing with in the charts right now... Where it is best to take that 'low and slow' approach in all that we do.

With the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer this week, it would be a very good time to 'stock up' on future wants and 'essentials'... This energy has that classic energy that is like the 'Boy Scouts' motto of 'Be Prepared'... And that kind of energy is being repeated throughout the charts right now.

It's Fathers Day... And I gotta say 'we' (my brothers and sisters) were lucky to have really great parents... Not 'perfect' parents as ours were total spaz-matics... Hehe... We called my dad 'The Chief'... Geeshka, the stories I could tell ya's... While I was writin' the 'Scopes, Eric Clapton's "My Fathers Eyes" played and it brought back floods of memories... My dad had the deepest blue eyes you could ever see... If there ever was a 'such thing' called 'the parent lottery' then my brothers and sisters surely won it.

That's it for now...
Thanks for stoppin' by..!!
I'll talk to you guys later...
Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Aries...

The weekly horoscope for Aries has an energy that is focused on the 'friends, home and family' areas of life this week... This can be a very rewarding time as it has a way of bringing people closer together... What is important is to allow everybody to 'shine in their own light' and in their own way... It is a very creative and expressive time and is also fantastic for issues relating to love and romance!!

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Weekly Horoscope for Aries

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Your Daily Tao

Those of ancient times who were adept at the Tao
Used it not to make people brighter
But to keep them simple
The difficulty in governing people
Is due their excessive cleverness
Therefore, using cleverness to govern the state
Is being a thief of the state
Not using cleverness to govern the state
Is being a blessing of the state

Know that these two are both standards
Always knowing these standards
Is called Mystic Virtue
Mystic Virtue: Profound! Far-reaching!
It goes opposite to material things
Then it reaches great congruence