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The Law of Abundance...

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This is a law that's based upon our ability to live with the conscious awareness of "The Source of all Things"... It's only when a person becomes aware of their "one-ness" with the "infinite" they can enjoy and manifest the "Law of Abundance" in their lives. All that is, rightfully yours...

The "Law of Thought" is useful in the application of the Law of Abundance... as it's been said "For as a man thinkest, so he will become"... If we think of unlimited supply or plenty, we succeed in the enjoyment of it... As we demonstrate this law in our everyday lives, we attract others to us who are seeking abundance... Both Spiritually and Materially...

( That is one of the main reasons those willing to "Pay their Way" are more often successful and enjoy even greater levels of abundance in their lives... while those hoping to "Get things for Free" tend to lose even more than they might gain )... A way for others to take part in the "Law of Abundance" and share in the "abundance" myself and the other members have enjoyed for years...

Recognize abundance does not only mean Material Wealth, but includes the things which money cannot buy and are extremely important. For example:Strength, Health, Inner Peace, Sound Mind and Happiness & Joy.

Spiritually, your individual consciousness is the law... Therefore you "control your own supply"... Being "in tune" (or better said "at-one-ment")

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