Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

Horoscope Cast for: Saturday, April 14th, 2018

by ∂awn ∑xton

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Time is sticky, and stretchy and waaay more weird than any of our current calculations could possibly suggest...

As time continues to speed up, we are left with a most obvious challenge at hand: Get A Grip!

And by that I mean we have to form a new understanding and Working Relationship with the New Time we are living.... there's an app called "do nothing for 15 seconds" or something like that...named best app of the whatever by the whomever said so....and I can tell you that with a fury like that....man, we must need those 15 seconds....

Manifestational energy takes longer than that.... one of the key features right now (since this energy is externally internalized while Mercury is retro still) is the access point to our Awareness of our ability to Play With Time (it's not all just go go go go go go).

Balance in all things...

Balancing the emotions right now highlights and dominates the scene.... We get an emotional push to start off the weekend and this will sharpen (even more) our awareness of teh mehcanisms at play... again, this is interactive energy- it comes Through our interactions at others (the revelaing point) but until Mercury goes retro this is best a time for taking time to sort our internal point of reference...

What is your intentional directional?

The perspective is key

We'll keep the light on


~dawn exton


The Daily Horoscope for Aquarius...

10 12 3 Your internal manifestational awareness is heightened as you connect with others from the source...there is likely something you have been holding back, some sort of connection, now is the time to make the bridge...make your goals clear and express your dreams

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Your Daily Tao

Those who hold an abundance of virtue
Are similar to newborn infants
Poisonous insects do not sting them
Wild beasts do not claw them
Birds of prey do not attack them
Their bones are weak, tendons are soft
But their grasp is firm
They do not know of sexual union but can manifest arousal
Due to the optimum of essence
They can cry the whole day and yet not be hoarse
Due to the optimum of harmony
Knowing harmony is said to be constancy
Knowing constancy is said to be clarity

Excessive vitality is said to be inauspicious
Mind overusing energy is said to be aggressive
Things become strong and then grow old
This is called contrary to the Tao
That which is contrary to the Tao will soon perish

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