Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Horoscope Cast for: Monday, January 20th, 2020

by daniel "whelland" dowd

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Song of the Week

Yeah, you got Satin Shoes
Yeah, you got Plastic Boots
Y'all got Cocaine Eyes
Yeah, you got speed-freak jive
Can't you hear me knockin' on your window
Can't you hear me knockin' on your door
Can't you hear me knockin' down your dirty street, yeah

Help me baby, ain't no stranger
Can you help me baby, ain't no stranger
Help me baby, ain't no stranger

Can't you hear me knockin'... Ah, are you safe asleep?
Can't you hear me knockin'... l Yeah, down the gas light street, now
Can't you hear me knockin'... Yeah, throw me down the keys
Alright now

Hear me ringing big bell tolls
Hear me singing soft and low
I've been begging on my knees
I've been kickin', help me please

Hear me prowlin'...
...I'm gonna take you down

Hear me growlin'...
...Yeah, I've got flatted feet now, now, now, now

Hear me howlin'
And all, all around your street now

Hear me knockin'
And all, all around your town...

(listen to Bobby Keys play the Sax... Amazing...)

((( Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear me Knockin' )))

This Week's Horoscope Summary...

The Sun Enters Aquarius This Week..!!!
We have a really big shift about to take place astrologically as Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are becoming aligned and setting the stage for what will be major lifestyle renovations... For the 99.9999% of the population, this slides in so seductively without most even noticing it... But as time marches forward, people and history will look back to this time as when 'everything started to change'.

IDEA: If I tie this stone onto that branch, I can dig more dirt and plant more seeds... Hmmm... Imagine how it must have been for the 'cavemen' that came up with those inventive ideas... That is how future generations will look back at this time... The Great Awakening... What if people became the most precious and most valuable thing on this planet?... Just imagine the potentials.

The biggest thing with this kind of energy is the planetary focus on what is in the best interest for all of us (worldwide) as we move forward into the future... Where we can look at the available abundance as well as the needs of individuals... Not in a 'political' point of view, but more in the Aquarian Age view of individualism, respect and prosperity.

Sure, I have my own ideas in how this may be achieved... But I am also sure that you have yours too and that they are just as valid as mine... The idea of this kind of energy is to find the most effective and beneficial ideas for all to use and share... Yeah, I know this sounds like 'pie-in-the sky' kind of new-age fantasy... (because it is)... hehe... But this is that exact kind of energy that so many have talked/written about for decades... The big difference is that this energy is there to unfold and to turn those possibilities into rock-solid reaLities.

Think about it... I have nothing to sell, or a nothing to gain... Other than the self-satisfaction of knowing I read the charts in the most accurate methods... Arrive at your own conclusions... Correct me if you feel I am wrong too, as I am not opposed to hearing different points of view... Most of us are more interested in finding ways to enjoy more of what this earth and it's treasures have to offer... Especially in the ingenuity of the people of the earth have created and how much further we can take that too.

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys in the Daily 'Scopes... The Song of the Week is perhaps my all time favorite Songs...
It's not the lyrics, but the vibe of the guitar and sax...
Music of the Soul... If you feel it, then you'll know exactly what I mean!!!

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Libra...

The weekly horoscope for Libra has an energy this week that may cause you to question the motivations and intentions of others... Especially when the words of some just are not matching up with their actions... At the same time, this is energy that also contains the likelihood of great increases in personal wealth and overall satisfaction... A time when surely luck will be with you... Trust your instincts.

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Weekly Horoscope for Libra

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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Your Daily Tao

The one who uses the Tao to advise the ruler
Does not dominate the world with soldiers
Such methods tend to be returned

The place where the troops camp
Thistles and thorns grow
Following the great army
There must be an inauspicious year

A good commander achieves result, then stops
And does not dare to reach for domination
Achieves result but does not brag
Achieves result but does not flaunt
Achieves result but is not arrogant
Achieves result but only out of necessity
Achieves result but does not dominate

Things become strong and then get old
This is called contrary to the Tao
That which is contrary to the Tao soon ends

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