Weekly Horoscope for Aries ♈

(March 21 - April 19)
Horoscope Cast for: Monday, October 25th, 2021

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Song of the Week

When the Moon is on the Bayou...
...After a Midnight Shower
And you stumble in the darkness...
...You're caught in the Witching Hour

Somebody used the Voodoo...
...And took away your power
There's nothing that you can do...
...'Cause you're caught in the Witching Hour

Release me from the burden
I cannot break this spell
Somebody take this hex off me
'Cause I don't feel too well
I need a magic potion
Before it gets much worse
Somebody say the prayers you say
To take away this curse

I feel like I'm in Quicksand...
...Feeling lost and insecure
I'm hanging on for Dear Life...
...Caught in the Witching Hour

The Spirits dance around me
They circle on the floor
I'm caught up in a spider web
And I can't take no more
It doesn't matter how hard I try
I cannot break this spell
I'm powerless and helpless
Will it end - I cannot tell

I've been shaken by the Devil...
...In her hair she wears a flower
There is nothing that can save me...
...'Cause I'm caught in the Witching Hour

((( John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - The Witching Hour )))

Today's Horoscope Summary...

What goes Around, Comes Around..!!

What is really wild about our current chart is how many direct connections there are to the 1776 "Founding of America" chart...

Work with me on this...
We Have:... The Pluto Return (Extremely Powerful and Potentially Dangerous)... 1776's Saturn connecting to Mercury... (Asks the question of what is the REAL TRUTH!?)... 1776's South Node connecting to our current Saturn... (FEAR: I don't want to deal with this... Can we keep everything as it is/was?)... And perhaps most of all, our current North Node connects with 1776's Uranus... (Who is the real Boss or Leader?? Who is REALLY in CHARGE??)... And all of this is on top of our current chart that is massively powerful in it's own right... (FAINT..THUD)... hehe...

Add that...
Our current chart may be one of the most intense and powerful charts most of us have experienced in our lifetimes... If we look hard enough... We can find 'un-deniable truth' or facts' to justify/validate ANY ideas or perspectives we may want to believe... That makes it really hard to know or trust what to believe... Especially when our, or those we care about personal survival may be at risk.

I have an advantage in understanding the madness we are seeing... Because I've seen most of these planet energies in action before, and I've known for such a very long time this energy was coming... But... (pointing to my butt)... The Pluto return though is brand new to me and is extremely powerful and important... It has a vibe where mankind (or it's global leaders) are expecting the Spiritual World to abide by their their rules... (that is NOT going to happen)... Uranus would rather 'tear it all down and start all over again' before it even considered 'surrendering'...
Just like "Atlas"... Uranus surely "WILL NOT SHRUG".

When asked...
Which do you prefer?...
Red Pill?... Blue Pill?... Black Pill?...
Hmmm... My reply would be: "No thanks, I'll just have a cuppa-coffee and a piece of pie instead"...

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys later...
Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Aries...

The weekly horoscope for Aries has that aggravating element of 'hurry up, then wait' where progress can be made, then you have to stop and wait for others (or other things) to catch up with you... This is a clear signal that patience is needed... Especially in your interactions with others as it also makes you more aware of the struggles or issues that they may be having... It is extremely beneficial energy, but still requires a lot of work and effort (that often goes un-noticed) on your part.

...Show some Love...

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Weekly Horoscope for Aries

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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Your Daily Tao

Yield and remain whole
Bend and remain straight
Be low and become filled
Be worn out and become renewed
Have little and receive
Have much and be confused
Therefore the sages hold to the one as an example for the world
Without flaunting themselves – and so are seen clearly
Without presuming themselves – and so are distinguished
Without praising themselves – and so have merit
Without boasting about themselves – and so are lasting

Because they do not contend, the world cannot contend with them
What the ancients called "the one who yields and remains whole"
Were they speaking empty words?
Sincerity becoming whole, and returning to oneself