Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

(APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Horoscopes cast for Monday, July 15th, 2024

Song of the Week

My love is in league with the freeway
Its passion will ride...
...as the cities fly by
And the taillights dissolve
In the coming of night...
And the questions in thousands take flight

My love is the miles and the waiting
The eyes that just stare,
And the glance at the clock
And the secret that burns
And the pain that won't stop
And its fuel is the years
Leading me on
Leading me down the road
Driving beyond
Driving me down the road

My love is exceeding the limit
Red-eyed and fevered with the hum of the miles
Distance and longing...
...My thoughts do collide
Should I rest for a while at the side
Your love is cradled in knowing
Eyes in the mirror...
...Still expecting they'll come
Sensing too well when the journey is done
There is no turning back... No...
There is no turning back... On the run...

My love is in league... With the freeway
Oh the freeway...
And the coming of night-time
My love...
My love is... In league with the freeway

((( Robert Plant - Big Log )))

The Weekly Horoscope Summary for Taurus...

Today I Start my Life Anew..!!

Ok... I know I've been say-in' it lately... But this is the time when we really need to get busy and fix all the things that need repair... And to handle all the tasks that should be done, but we've been puttin' off... (c'mon, we all do that)... hehe... Ya see, I'm just givin' you the warning to prevent the feelin' like kickin' yourself in the ass because you had the chance and opportunity to avoid certain outcomes but decided to put it off... Don't be that guy... hehe...

Havin' a bit of an "Old Man Jenkins" moment...
You know, when you start to say... "It was so much better back then when ___"... hehe... Yeah, I piss and moan about it... But I do really like workin' on the 'Puters... (i like it a lot more when they're workin' right)... So I've moved the sites onto a new server I built... The trouble I'm having is that a lot of the programming code this site runs on was written almost 30 years ago... So it's a matter of editing each page to update outdated code... Anyway... 'Nuff 'bout that...

The assassination attempt over the weekend is reminder that this energy we are dealing with is NOT "political"... It's good versus evil... (but each side thinks they're the good side)... It's really a Spiritual Battle that is hidden behind economics, power and control... And that battle has been goin' on since the beginning of time... (fact, deal with it)... Both sides know that if one side wins, the game is over... But they continue the game anyway because that's what they've always have done.

Sheesh... We've been talkin' about this here all the way back to the original "086ers"... We have to remember that 0.086% of the population that is responsible for 99% of the worlds art, music, literature, advancements and treasures... (fact, deal with it)... We are the music makers... We are the Dreamer of Dreams... And if you're reading this... Then you're part of that group because it's written in ways that we can understand.

With Pluto, Saturn and Neptune retrograde... (and Mercury racing ahead of the Sun)... It's one of those times when "truth is, and will be presented"... Whether it is accepted or not is each person's choice/decision... (that's the Mercury in Leo vibe)... It's that classic vibe of "The Emperors New Clothes" where there is no way to tell what is really true or not... That's why it's called "The Great Awakening" and many of the illusions we've been told are proving to be false.

So we've turned a very important astrological corner... The best course of action is to continually asking ourselves the questions of "Why?"... "How come ____?"... "Where's the facts and proof?"... You know the drill!

That's it for now...
Thanks for stoppin' by..!!
I'll talk to you guys later...

Keep the Faith...
Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Taurus...

The Weekly Horoscope for Taurus has that mind your own business and get things done this week... This energy places the focus and attention onto you... It gives you the chance to showcase your talents, abilities as well as your ultra 'fine attention to detail' too... This is a pattern that leads to social and professional elevations (as long as you rise up to your high standards)... It's also when you realize just how all the elements of the past (both good and bad) were needed to bring you to this place in time... Gonna get exciting for you guys!!

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Daily Tao

Favor and disgrace make one fearful
The greatest misfortune is the self
What does "favor and disgrace make one fearful" mean?
Favor is high; disgrace is low
Having it makes one fearful
Losing it makes one fearful
This is "favor and disgrace make one fearful"

What does "the greatest misfortune is the self" mean?
The reason I have great misfortune
Is that I have the self
If I have no self
What misfortune do I have?

So one who values the self as the world
Can be given the world
One who loves the self as the world
Can be entrusted with the world

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