Daily Horoscope for Gemini

(MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
Horoscope Cast for: Friday, January 22nd, 2021

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Today I Start my Life Anew...
Sorry Moon-Doggies...
This is a pissed-off Libra Edition of the 'Scopes...
I opened my mail this morning to to find a $600 check from the 'Gov' and quite honestly I would rather shove it up their freakin' ass... Or to 'cash' it or pretend to be thankful for it... To me, it is an insult... Is all that they believe we are worth for shutting us down for almost a year?... That check would barely cover a couple weeks of 'bandwidth' needed to serve the 'Scopes...

Sorry for the Rant...
But sometimes ya just have to vent...
$600... Add a few zero's to that sum and they'd be closer to the mark... Don't get me wrong, it isn't about the money... I do what I do because I love doin' it and honestly have done it for 'free' for the past 25 years... (costs me a small fortune to keep the 'Scopes online)... Ever price out a server?... Or the bandwidth needed for 35 million visits?... So I have to be smart about it... So I use astrology in my daily life and therefore I have no (zero) debts or monthly payments (other than utilities)... If I cannot afford something, I do not buy it... (duhhhh)... It is simple Libra Logic... Hehe...

The Blues ain't nuthin' but a Good Man feelin' Sad...

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys in the Daily 'Scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Gemini...

Sorry... No 'Scope for today... Taking the day off...

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Weekly Horoscope for Gemini

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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libra | scorpio | sagittarius | capricorn | aquarius | pisces

Your Daily Tao

Everyone in the world calls my Tao great
As if it is beyond compare
It is only because of its greatness
That it seems beyond compare
If it can be compared
It would already be insignificant long ago!

I have three treasures
I hold on to them and protect them
The first is called compassion
The second is called conservation
The third is called not daring to be ahead in the world
Compassionate, thus able to have courage
Conserving, thus able to reach widely
Not daring to be ahead in the world
Thus able to assume leadership
Now if one has courage but discards compassion
Reaches widely but discards conservation
Goes ahead but discards being behind
Then death!
If one fights with compassion, then victory
With defense, then security
Heaven shall save them
And with compassion guard them