Daily Horoscope for Cancer

(JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
Horoscope Cast for: Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

by ∂awn ∑xton

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Weekend Summary~

Rolling into Fall like..... how the heck is it Fall already?

2018, the year that almost didn't exist....

"I wanna know, what you're thinking
There are some things you can't hide
i wanna know
What you're feeling
tell me what's on your mind...
I can see behind your eyes
The things that I don't know
If you hide away from me
How can our love grow" - What's On Your Mind lyrics by Information Society (do the market shuffle dance while listening to this song)

The Flux Flim Flam is in high order and we will simply have to wait and see how these energies in super flux play out... the toughest part is how emotionally charged this energy is and it's picking up speed...

For those playing in the realm of the unseen, this can bring wild new frontiers to the forefront and the dreaming factor explodes...it's easy to see the myriad of situations that could play out from here....again, the Majesty of Calm is our highest order....
Simply sitting back and watching the chips fall can be of greatest advantage right now...

The inner light is shifting now and we have a Huge Potential in simply how we direct our inner energies.... the strength of inner character and stamina are underrated in our modern world, but they will prove to be of the most value (much higher than dollars as we will soon see) in our world...

Take NOW as a time to challenge ourselves in our growth.... to appreciate that while the times aren't easy, the Are exploding with potential to Rise Above...

Higher Love, Light and Glory is around the bend (might be out of sight, but it's clearly in mind, if we make it that way!)

All love and light~

~dawn exton


The Daily Horoscope for Cancer...

9 6 Truce Focus on the flux itself and open up your dreaming power of the options that lay spread out before you, your emotional pull brings a focus to

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Your Daily Tao

While alive, the body is soft and pliant
When dead, it is hard and rigid
All living things, grass and trees,
While alive, are soft and supple
When dead, become dry and brittle
Thus that which is hard and stiff
is the follower of death
That which is soft and yielding
is the follower of life
Therefore, an inflexible army will not win
A strong tree will be cut down
The big and forceful occupy a lowly position
While the soft and pliant occupy a higher place

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