Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Horoscope Cast for: Monday, November 18th, 2019

by daniel "whelland" dowd

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Song of the Week

Watch out, you might get what you're after
Cool babies, strange but not a stranger
I'm an ordinary guy
Burning down the house

Hold tight... Wait 'til the party's over
Hold tight... We're in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way...
Burning down the house

Here's your ticket pack your bags
Time for jumpin' overboard
The transportation is here
Close enough but not too far
Maybe you know where you are
Fightin' fire with fire

All wet, hey, you might need a raincoat
Shakedown, dreams walking in broad daylight
Three hundred sixty five degrees
Burning down the house

It was once upon a place
Sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place
People on their way to work
Baby, what did you expect?
Gonna burst into flame
Burning down the house

My house's out of the ordinary
That's right
Don't want to hurt nobody
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet
Burning down the house

No visible means of support
And you have not seen nothin' yet
Everything's stuck together
And I don't know what you expect
Staring into the TV set
Fighting fire with fire

((( Talking Heads - Burning Down the House )))

This Week's Horoscope Summary...

Today I Start my Life Anew...
The big news this week is that Mercury goes direct on Wednesday at 10:19am (EST)... That in itself will prove to be very good news for the vast majority of the population... For many, life will quickly return to normal... (ahhhh)... Mercury is a 'personal' planet and by being so close to the Sun, it's effects hit us directly, and we can feel it's effect hit us quick and strong... These Mercury effects are intended to bring us messages, insights... Sorta-kinda like the Big Spirit giving us clues of what we might have missed along our way.

For those of us that are 'alive inside' (or awake if you prefer to call it that)... This is one of those times when the we can have the greatest mental clarity if we stop and pay attention to what has recently happened and ask ourselves 'why'... Myself, I call it question everything with the simple question of 'why'... Why did this happen?... Why did that?... What did that person really mean when they said that?... (ok, we get the idea daniel, please pass the olives and get on with it will ya?)... hehe...

When dealing with Uranus, it is very much like dealing with a genius scientist (Tesla)... Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus and is being opposed by Mars in Libra... This is the kind of energy that is there to 'set the record straight'... It would be very much like watching a thriller kind of 'movie' where everything we see and perceive, proves to be false at the end of the film when the 'real' facts/truths are revealed... If you've seen the film 'The Sixth Sense' you'll know exactly what I mean... That is what we will all experience in the month to come in the greater global political and economic conditions.

Yes, we are moving into a brand new astrological age... There will be elements of uncertainty at times, but deep inside each of us can 'sense' this will ultimately lead us in new and better directions... The Uranian (ruler of the Aquarian Age) methods are unpredictable, but also have that element of sheer genius too... Tons of twists and turns... Sorta-kinda like where the 'hunter becomes the hunted' if that makes sense... The word to remember is 'adaptable'... Not to take everything as it may initially appear... To question if there is a sense of truth or if events really make sense... While many are looking for mankind's solutions, this will ultimately prove to be where there will be a higher spiritual transformation that is based on unity and unconditional love.

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio...

The weekly horoscope for Scorpio has a chart where all the planets are location on the bottom half of the chart... This is energy that strongly favors you and your own action... That doesn't mean you have to be a 'loner'... It has more to do with making sure you are meeting the expectations, duties and responsibilities others are counting on your to complete... At the same time, you have to display confidence that others will also do the same without you having to micro-manage or check on their progress... Gotta have faith even if first attempts may fail.

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Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

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Your Daily Tao

Those who wish to take the world and control it
I see that they cannot succeed
The world is a sacred instrument
One cannot control it
The one who controls it will fail
The one who grasps it will lose

Because all things:
Either lead or follow
Either blow hot or cold
Either have strength or weakness
Either have ownership or take by force

Therefore the sage:
Eliminates extremes
Eliminates excess
Eliminates arrogance

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