Daily Horoscope for Aries

(MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)
Horoscope Cast for: Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

by daniel "bud" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

The current transit is one that distorts and clouds our direction. We've been dealing with this to a great extent thus far through the Uranus-Node-Venus T-Square (which is getting closer to fading, but still kicking around for the time being). That's been going on for like a month now, so you're probably used to most of the aspects of that.

However, today we also have the Sun afflicted by Mars and Neptune. "The end we seek is not the end we hoped for." In our minds, we might lack a clear beacon of what it is we want. We might know kind of what it entails, but we don't really know the details through and through. Compounding things is the fact that the less we really know about what it is we want, the more likely we're going to cling to certain shreds of the dream. In interpersonal relationships, this is when we become smitten with one aspect of a person, ignoring all of the other flaws that make it less than a viable relationships once the vision fades and you embrace the reality. In more goal-oriented types of situations, this is where you might seek aspects of an achievement, like glory, renown, power, but underestimate the work it takes to get there, or realize once you have gotten there that it didn't bring you the happiness you thought would reside there.

All of this is undertaken with a ton of input. You're going to have a lot of thoughts to digest, and a lot of information coming in (much of which will be crap and unfounded, since Mercury retro). Every new thought, and every new experience adds more to what you have to process mentally. This leads to the biggest problem today, where you can be wrought with indecision and a lack of direction. In trying to pick a perfect path, so many people pick no path at all.

Remember that sometimes, taking a step back is better than taking no step at all. So if you're trying to get closer to your goals today, you might need to fail some, or aim somewhere off target. This isn't energy hardwired for experiencing success. This is very much energy that builds us up to be successful though. It's the skills you learn now, the things you figure out not to do, the dreams you can destroy because they weren't viable that help you reclaim a path, and ultimately get you closer to where you can walk along a straighter line towards achieving something you desire. Every misstep makes you stronger if you're willing to learn from it, so listen to what the universe is telling you today. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Aries...

Hyperbole can be your enemy today. It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf - if you make everything around you seem extreme, all of a sudden, nothing is. While you might not have any catastrophic events to deal with, you can start to see others tuning you out if you're yelling to the hills about every minor occurrence. You can express your feelings; you just need to be a little smarter about keeping things on a proper level and taking everything into perspective.

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Your Daily Tao

High virtue is not virtuous
Therefore it has virtue
Low virtue never loses virtue
Therefore it has no virtue
High virtue takes no contrived action
And acts without agenda
Low virtue takes contrived action
And acts with agenda
High benevolence takes contrived action
And acts without agenda
High righteousness takes contrived action
And acts with agenda
High etiquette takes contrived action
And upon encountering no response
Uses arms to pull others

Therefore, the Tao is lost, and then virtue
Virtue is lost, and then benevolence
Benevolence is lost, and then righteousness
Righteousness is lost, and then etiquette
Those who have etiquette
are a thin shell of loyalty and sincerity
And the beginning of chaos
Those with foreknowledge
Are the flowers of the Tao
And the beginning of ignorance
Therefore the great person:
Abides in substance, and does not dwell on the thin shell
Abides in the real, and does not dwell on the flower
Thus they discard that and take this

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