Daily Horoscope for Cancer

(JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
Horoscope Cast for: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Today I Start my Life Anew...
Bud is off on an adventure today, so I am covering for him... His horoscope will appear tomorrow..

We have super powerful feelings and emotions today that can come riding in like waves on the beach... We can use this energy to our advantage by using it as motivation force to take on the harder tasks that require determination and see them all the way through to completion.

One thing to keep in mind today, this energy has tons of intensity attached to it and at the same time, many will be feeling a bit emotionally vulnerable and may take offense or may easily have hurt feelings over would usually be considered "ordinary" comments... (you know the drill)...

With all this sensitivity and emotions, this can be a powerful time for issues relating to love and romance... I would suspect that there'll be a ton of new pregnancies as a result of these planet transits.

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys later...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Cancer...

The daily horoscope for Cancer has a chart energy that makes it clear you need to be very aware of the results of your efforts will bring you positive results... This energy really can get your mind and imagination moving too... Providing you with needed answers and solutions how you can accomplish your goals with better results and a lot less effort.

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Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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libra | scorpio | sagittarius | capricorn | aquarius | pisces

Your Daily Tao

In using the military, there is a saying:
I dare not be the host, but prefer to be the guest
I dare not advance an inch, but prefer to withdraw a foot

This is called marching in formation without formation
Raising arms without arms
Grappling enemies without enemies
Holding weapons without weapons
There is no greater disaster than to underestimate the enemy
Underestimating the enemy almost made me lose my treasures

So when evenly matched armies meet
The side that is compassionate shall win