Daily Horoscope for Leo

(JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)
Horoscope Cast for: Sunday, May 10th, 2020

by Ajanel

Today's Horoscope Summary...

The troublesome planets are separating a little and we just had a full moon that released some of the tension we’ve been under. We get a little break now to appreciate what we have, before the retrogrades start. When planets are retrograde (appearing to move backward) they review what they have just accomplished. Like checking your work. Then when they turn direct again, they make the corrections. The good news is that we have the opportunity to do the same. They will be retro until the fall, so they will be in nearly the same positions through the rest of the year. Although this shift began very suddenly, it will take some time to settle in. Things will never be the same as they were but we will have a new normal. Just like after 9/11.

The north and south nodes just entered new signs this week. Gemini and Sagittarius. The last time they were in those signs was October 2001-March 2003. Yes, right after 9/11. Of course, this will impact us all on a global level, just as it did then, But right now, let’s just focus on how they affect us personally. The north node points to your challenges, what you need to learn to grow, and the south node is your comfort zone. They change signs every 18 months or so, giving us new opportunities to become better people.

I hope you are all staying safe and well and taking care of yourselves in the best way for you. Whether you are staying home or an essential worker, I’m sending positive energy to you! If you have any comments, my email is ajanel@ajanel.net.

The Daily Horoscope for Leo...

If you have been frustrated trying to get into a long term relationship or to have a baby with no luck, try focusing instead on your friends or community. Sometimes changing your focus is what you need to succeed. You will at least have some happy times. And isn’t that the important thing?

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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Your Daily Tao

Good traveling does not leave tracks
Good speech does not seek faults
Good reckoning does not use counters
Good closure needs no bar and yet cannot be opened
Good knot needs no rope and yet cannot be untied

Therefore sages often save others
And so do not abandon anyone
They often save things
And so do not abandon anything
This is called following enlightenment

Therefore the good person is the teacher of the bad person
The bad person is the resource of the good person
Those who do not value their teachers
And do not love their resources
Although intelligent, they are greatly confused
This is called the essential wonder