Daily Horoscope for Libra

Horoscope Cast for: Friday, July 12th, 2019

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Happy Birthday Val, We all miss you ALOT..!!
Long ago in my early 20's... My friends and I used to hang out at this one club at nite... My friends and I excelled at being able to 'party' and have a 'real good time'... hehe... This club we hung out at, had this one video game that I loved to play... But the place would get so crowded that it became impossible to play... I lived a few blocks away, so I'd go there early to get a few games in before the crowds flooded in and the 'festivities' began... There was a problem though... There was this one girl... She was 'Drop-dead Gorgeous' but annoying as hell too, because she was hell-bent on playin' the game too... We'd stand by each other patiently as we took turns inserting our quarters into the machine and cheerin' when the other finally 'lost' so we'd have our turn to play again.

That annoying girl was named Valerie... She was hilariously funny... She could find humor in just about anything... One night I told her that she's would be lucky the next night, because I had to go to a 'convention thing' for 'work' and that she would have the game to play all by herself... She asked me about it, and after a bit of conversation, she seemed really interested in it... So I asked her if she wanted to go with me... She did... About 6 months later I married Valerie... To this day, in my wallet, I still have the same piece of paper where she gave me her phone number and she also included her address (she wasn't takin' any chances, in case i could not contact her by phone I'd know where I could find her)... hehe... Magic for sure.

Life has only one direction... (forward)... In any given day, there are always opportunities for magic and miracles to happen... When 'Fate and Destiny' can step in and create the exact conditions needed to transform our lives... I live my entire life based on this principle that I learned from the 'Scopes... They are not pie-in-the-sky theories or new-age mumbo-jumbo... I try to get right to the 'heart of the matter' and share what you need to know... (good or bad)... It's been a 'trial and error' approach of finding what parts of astrology works and what doesn't... Simplified so even a mutant spaz like me could 'get it right'... And humbly, I have to say that I have... I have everything I could ever have dreamed of, and more... But most of all to be able to have and love with a passion that most would not consider possible... I truly am a lucky man... And Val would be so proud of the kids and gran-chilluns and all that they have grown to become.

The quest continues as I learn more about it every day... The truth in the room is that my horoscopes are really just notes I am making for myself... By writing it down, it forces me to pay attention to what is goin' on in the charts so I can make the most of it... Twenty somethin' years ago I just decided I'd share what I discovered with you guys who may be interested in it too...

Not much astrology in today's summary... This is a day that I claim for myself... (selfish huh?)... But I guess that is part of life too.

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Libra...

The daily horoscope for Libra has a way of bringing everything back into perspective for you... It makes you a lot more aware of the significance of certain events because those are actually indicators of what you can expect in the near future... A very optimistic future is indicated too!!

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Your Daily Tao

The Tao, eternally nameless
Its simplicity, although imperceptible
Cannot be treated by the world as subservient

If the sovereign can hold on to it
All will follow by themselves
Heaven and Earth, together in harmony
Will rain sweet dew
People will not need to force it; it will adjust by itself

In the beginning, there were names
Names came to exist everywhere
One should know when to stop
Knowing when to stop, thus avoiding danger

The existence of the Tao in the world
Is like streams in the valley into rivers and the ocean

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