Daily Horoscope for Pisces

Horoscope Cast for: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

by daniel "bud" dowd

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Today's Horoscope Summary...

The energy today has intensified and that's going to create a lot of situations where stress can certainly come in to play. We start with a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune T-Square that can at its core be real confusing to us. On one hand, we're going to have the things we want. We might have wanted them for quite a long time. But retro-Jupiter (also influenced by retro-Saturn and Pluto) can cause this sense of apathy. Those things that burned within at the early part of the year aren't going to burn much right now. Why even get out of bed?

So your motivation to move forward right now is in many ways going to have to be manufactured. You're going to have to invent some reasons to get the things you need to done. You might not face deadlines, or you might not have someone screaming for you to get something done, but internally, you know it should. A lot of people will take the easy way out and do nothing. But they're not going to grow - if anything, they'll slip backwards. You don't have to be one of them though. So commit to making some level of progress, even if "you don't have to".

Elsewhere in the chart, we have Mars and the Node (with Mercury hot on their tails) going oppo Saturn and Pluto. This is going to have these "states" we establish in our minds for where we think we should be. Mars can say "Why aren't we here? What's taking so long?". It's easy to rationalize where we think we should be. But things still have to play out some. And with Pluto involved, you probably don't have a clue why things need to happen a certain way, but they do.

So in all, today's energy can be stressful and it can be frustrating. Some people are going to get tired of the crap they've been through of late and can change gears and try something totally new. But, if there's something really important to you, stick to the plan. Be your own police, and hold yourself to the standards you know you're capable of. It's not going to be easy, but as we like to say around here "just because something is hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it". There's a lot of room for growth, and a lot of room for potential if you put in the effort and keep trying. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Pisces...

The energy can put a damper on public projects, where you're trying to gain more visibility from others. If you've been working towards these kinds of things, this is where you might start to retreat some, especially if the spotlight starts shining too bright. You have to carefully manage your sense of confidence here, as it can tend to dip too high or too low at times. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew, but you also need to give yourself a chance to be successful.

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Those who hold an abundance of virtue
Are similar to newborn infants
Poisonous insects do not sting them
Wild beasts do not claw them
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Their bones are weak, tendons are soft
But their grasp is firm
They do not know of sexual union but can manifest arousal
Due to the optimum of essence
They can cry the whole day and yet not be hoarse
Due to the optimum of harmony
Knowing harmony is said to be constancy
Knowing constancy is said to be clarity

Excessive vitality is said to be inauspicious
Mind overusing energy is said to be aggressive
Things become strong and then grow old
This is called contrary to the Tao
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