Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius

Horoscope Cast for: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

by daniel "bud" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

The things we see and read on the news today are reflected in the current chart. The Sun and Mars are conflicted, and you get these powderkeg types of situations, like the rioting that's happened in many cities across the country this week. Mars closes in on Neptune, which indicates "there's some behind the scenes shenanigans going on". Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto continue to drive major changes and evolution in our living conditions.

But what about the other elements of the chart? Venus moves back into a connection with the Sun, which can help ease the stress and create more harmony as the week moves on. Either that, or people burn out. Rioting and civil disturbances of that ilk are typically a young person's game to begin with. Young people, particularly those of the present American generation, generally have shorter attention spans. If you don't believe me, go spend 15 minutes on TikTok. Those with true outrage will carry the flame, while the opportunists will wane and go back to whatever they were doing in a short period of time. This is why present-day protests lack resonance within the large scale of our leaders, and it's something they don't have to respect. Until that fact changes, nothing will change.

With the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto trifecta, along with Venus (and soon Mercury) retrograde, it's a time to look within. During this time, you can look within at the United States, as great as it can be, and see it has many things it's failed to get right to date. You can look at our leaders, both parties of government, who act out of self-interest and self-preservation. They fail to police themselves, their own parties, weed out those who make them weak. Noticeable politicians often pander to extreme agendas for recognition and power, and because their messages resonate with emotionally vulnerable voter bases.

Our police forces also fail to police themselves in situations like this most recent incident involving George Floyd. Much of the outrage you are seeing out of people isn't in the isolated incident (which to date resulted in a quick, justified arrest of the involved officer and firing of supporting officers). It's the repeated nature of these incidents, and this perception of a lack of accountability within police forces to treat everyone's life with care and respect. Everyone in this country is entitled to due process and judgment on behalf of their alleged crimes; anything else is oppression, and it's the reason this country was founded in the first place.

Lastly, our communities often fail to police themselves when it comes to instances such as the recent rioting. Protesting is one thing, and it's an American right. It's those who are going to brick Target and steal a bunch of stuff, or set buildings or cars on fire, endanger randomers in neighborhoods of whom I speak. That sort of behavior isn't acceptable, no matter the outrage, and our communities "shouldn't let someone shit where they eat".

I speak in generalized terms. Certainly, there are individuals out there doing the right thing. Most in fact. Our generalized conceptions stem from outliers most of the time. It's the 10% of awful politicians, it's the 10% of awful cops, it's the 10% of awful citizens making a mess of things for everyone else. And yet, we sit idly by and empower them with indifference. Everyone complains about politics and a quarter of the country bothers to show up to vote. People complain about the police, but don't vote in a new leader who makes police accountability a spearhead of their campaign. People complain about what occurs in their neighborhood, but so many accept things until a problem appears at their own doorstep.

Outrage is not a solution. Outrage may drive a search for a solution, but outrage itself is nothing. No man's heart is big enough to weep for all those who are lost, just or unjust. We tune things out. We selectively rage in situations as a means of coping with reality. But we are not feeble. Everyone has it within themselves to change. For anyone who may claim that reform on this issue, or the other severe issues conflicting the United States, is impossible is ignorant of the fact that virtually all of society is currently wearing masks outside in public. Most people are good people. Most people care. And when that silent majority takes action and uses its collective power over all these asshats making us look bad, we'll be back to where we should be.

Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius...

As much as you might want to take charge or give your input into situations, you have to realize when it's a good time to do so, and when you might be a little too emotionally charged to give an unbiased opinion on things. You can be pretty passionate about the way you feel things should be, but that doesn't mean they are this way. You can do something about that, but it does require being aware of the present state of things. If these situations involve others, you might have to tap into their point of view in order to make a meaningful connection with them.

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