Daily Horoscope for Scorpio ♏

(October 23 - November 21)
Horoscope Cast for: Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

by daniel 'whelland' dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Today We Start our Lives Anew..!!

We have Jupiter aligned exactly with Venus today on the 'fated' 29th Degree of Taurus... While this signals strong relationship bonds being formed... Or existing relationships taken to much higher levels... This is a pattern that brings about more social interactions in all areas of life... And as simple as this may sound, we have to make damn sure others know when we are goofin' or playin' in the things we may do or say... So they are not taken 'the wrong way'.

This is also a good time to take on those physical tasks that need to be done as well... It can also be when others may need our help and assistance too... When those who are older can share their insights, wisdom and experience with those of younger ages... Sorta-kinda the way a coach that no longer plays a game/role can share their 'lessons learned' to those who are still learning or perfecting their crafts.

So today's chart is rather active with places to go, people to see and things to do... It's when we need to be humble when others may know and share their knowledge with us... And to be willing to share our experiences or expertise with those that are willing to listen and learn. So it strongly favors more personal interactions with others today!!

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Keep the Faith...
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daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio...

The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio has that "Slow down thar partner" (spoken in my best QuickDraw McGraw cartoon voice)... hehe... Yes, it's great to be focused but you need to remember that everything needs to happen at the right times for all the pieces to fit together... Remember the Big Spirit is also creating the conditions for 10 steps down the road too... So it's important to see the Bigger Picture at this moment in time... Right now it's all about creating and elevating your personal relationships!!

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Your Daily Tao

The Tao is the wonder of all things
The treasure of the kind person
The protection of the unkind person

Admirable words can win the public's respect
Admirable actions can improve people
Those who are unkind
How can they be abandoned?

Therefore, when crowning the Emperor
And installing the three ministers
Although there is the offering of jade before four horses
None of it can compare to being seated in this Tao

Why did the ancients value this Tao so much?
Is it not said that those who seek will find,
And those with guilt will not be faulted?
Therefore, it is the greatest value in the world