Weekly Horoscope for Aries ♈

(March 21 - April 19)
Horoscope Cast for: Monday, May 20th, 2024

by daniel "whelland" dowd

Song of the Week

Once written in the Stars
A pathway set in stone
A Candle in the Night
To guide your way back home
Then somewhere in your memory
Calling from afar It's daring you to see
What it is that's Written in the Stars...

You said that you would stay
And that you'd never leave
I gave you all I had
When I chose to believe
Love like magic
Casts a spell
Sometimes leaving scars
I guess it's just as well
Not to know what's Written in the Stars

Still Written in the Stars
And written in your eyes
The Prophecy Fulfills
The dream that never dies
A Shooting Star lights up the night
While the earth stands still
And Somehow we lose sight
While following what's Written in the Stars...

I want to know what's Written in the Stars...
Please tell me what's Written in the Stars...

((( Blackmore's Night - Written In The Stars )))

Today's Horoscope Summary...

Today I Start my Life Anew..!!

Picture this... Having Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Sun are all tightly aligned at the 'tail-end' of Taurus... It's the Big Spirit prompting us to turn our ideas into realities... In a way, it calls on us to be fearless in our convictions when we know we are right... But to also be able to keep an open mind because there will also be 'more the story' that hasn't been revealed yet.

I should add that we also have to keep in mind that these planet transits signal the new beginnings and possibilities... We can have the best possible charts, but it doesn't mean much if we are stubborn and unwilling to follow through and take actions... Like having a bag of seeds but not planting them and then later complaining that there isn't enough to eat... (or something like that)... This energy works best if/when we take a step back and re-evaluate the direction our paths are taking us and if changes or adjustments may be needed.

The vibe can be rather emotionally intense at times... The thoughts and feelings can flow in and out like waves... So there is the requirement of resisting acting on impulses that we may later regret because we didn't understand the bigger picture... However, when we do find the groove, we can accomplish more in an hour than most can accomplish in a day... Especially now as many of the restrictions that have held us back in the past have been removed.

With the North Node, Mars and Chiron aligned... It's also one of those times when we can offer 'selfless service' to others 'just because we can' and without expecting anything in return... (but the Big Spirit will reward us in ways that are much better than our highest expectations could be)... Where even simple things like holding a door open for someone can be just what they needed... Can't find the words but I know you know what I mean.

So while it's hard to put exactly into words... Deep inside each of us will know that we've reached a major turning point so we need to step back and pay closer attention... To resist taking impulsive actions or makin' assumptions... Right now it's all about remaining in the moment... Inside we all know that but there is that other vibe that wants to speed things up too.

That's it for now...
Thanks for stoppin' by..!!
I'll talk to you guys later...

Keep the Faith...
Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Aries...

The Weekly Horoscope for Aries has very powerful emotional as well as 'awareness' energy this week... A time to pay attention and to write down those random thoughts and feelings that may appear at the most unexpected times... It's when you'll have to find a way to remain "cool, calm and collected" too, as there will be powerful emotional surges... A lot of this has to do with having to carry heavy emotional burdens or responsibilities ... Or when others 'dump' their problems, or tasks onto you... (it happens)... But the chart shows others will be aware of this and they'll see you shine in your brightest light!!

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Weekly Horoscope for Aries

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Your Daily Tao

End sagacity; abandon knowledge
The people benefit a hundred times

End benevolence; abandon righteousness
The people return to piety and charity

End cunning; discard profit
Bandits and thieves no longer exist

These three things are superficial and insufficient
Thus this teaching has its place:
Show plainness; hold simplicity
Reduce selfishness; decrease desires