Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Horoscope Cast for: Monday, August 5th, 2019

by daniel "whelland" dowd

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Song of the Week

So... So you think you can tell...
...Heaven from Hell???
...Blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field...
...From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade...
...Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange?
A walk-on part in the war...
...For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...
...Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears...
...Wish you were here.

((( Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here )))

This Week's Horoscope Summary...

Jupiter goes Direct this Sunday... (YAY)...
I am sure all your Sagittarians or those with Sagittarius Rising (like me) are cheering for Jupiter to return to forward motion as it's 'been a long time coming'... Actually, everybody will benefit from this energy too depending upon where Jupiter exists in both your Natal and Solar charts.

Speakin' of Retrogrades...
Sure enough, there is always some kind of drama goin' on in the charts and as good as it will be for Jupiter to return to direct motion on the 11th, on the very same day Uranus will go retrograde and remain in retrograde motion for the remainder of the year... The Uranus retrograde will bring about tremendous changes and opportunities and I'll go more into that later.

It's the 'Outer Planets' (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that make things happen and set the tone for what's to come... The inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun and Moon) act more like activators that trigger the events to take place... There'll be a few bumps and lumps in the next few months, but for the most part we're going to have clear sailing all the way through into January... "So we got that goin' for us... Which is Nice"... (spoken in my best Bill Murray voice)... hehe...

Anyway... We're celebrating Julie-Bear's birthday here at 'Pa-Dowd's house so there are "burnt offerings" that need to be fired up on the grill... I also wanted to say that I've been workin' on a few important projects (for my 'real' job) so I haven't been able to update/verify a ton of free memberships, but that will happen early this week... Geeshka, I made everything 'free' so I'd have more 'free-time' on my hands, but I'm here to tell ya's that it's a hell of a lot more work!!!

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Libra...

The weekly horoscope for Libra has a 'mind your own business' and to be more aware of what is going on around you... A time when whatever you do has to be done with as much excellence as possible... There will be flashes of pure genius this week and can appear at the most random times... Having Jupiter in your solar 3rd House has a way of bringing you the exact information that will be needed in order to ensure future success... Chart shows the beginning of a lot of new projects and adventures.

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Weekly Horoscope for Libra

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Weekly Horoscopes:
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Your Daily Tao

Great perfection seems flawed
Its function is without failure
Great fullness seems empty
Its function is without exhaustion
Great straightness seems bent

Great skill seems unrefined
Great eloquence seems inarticulate
Movement overcomes cold
Stillness overcomes heat
Clear quietness is the standard of the world

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