Daily Tarot by Pam Leary...

......for Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Daily Tarot Reading
Daily Tarot Reading
for 2016-07-26...

Things are moving so quickly that you can easily fall behind. Pay attention, get as much done as you can today. The pace is a little overwhelming, even for those of us that thrive on chaos. Don't blink - you might miss something extraordinary!

Today's Reading is by...

Pam Leary

The deck used in these readings is...
The Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

On its release in 2009 this deck was voted most popular of the year by the visitors of a leading tarot site. The images both from this and the zodiac section are reproduced here by permission of the artist.

Copies of this deck as well as larger signed prints of the individual tarot cards and astrological themes are available from the artists web site


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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Jul 26 2016 2:18 am   to   Jul 26 11:37 am Taurus
Jul 28 2016 11:13 am   to   Jul 28 2:17 pm Gemini
Jul 30 2016 7:46 am   to   Jul 30 5:09 pm Cancer
Aug 1 2016 8:44 pm   to   Aug 1 9:12 pm Leo
Aug 4 2016 0:13 am   to   Aug 4 3:34 am Virgo
Aug 5 2016 11:20 pm   to   Aug 6 12:57 pm Libra
Aug 8 2016 1:41 pm   to   Aug 9 0:51 am Scorpio
Aug 11 2016 1:22 am   to   Aug 11 1:24 pm Sagittarius
Aug 13 2016 1:37 pm   to   Aug 14 0:11 am Capricorn
Aug 15 2016 10:45 pm   to   Aug 16 7:52 am Aquarius
Aug 18 2016 5:26 am   to   Aug 18 12:34 pm Pisces
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
07/26/2016 Tue 1:22am EDT Moon Aries Conjunct Uranus Aries
You are very much involved with all that is traditional, but with this special twist: you are a revolutionary when it comes to the domestic scene and have very special insights into home, family, and surroundings. Others find you original (certainly very different) and perhaps unpredictable, especially when it comes to emotional reactions. Your approach to feelings, moods, and the whole psychological gambit is novel. You tend to show emotions suddenly and/or in unusual ways. You like unconventional friends and are a nonconformist yourself. Independent women may be important to you.

07/26/2016 Tue 2:22pm EDT Moon Taurus Conjunct Ceres Taurus
07/26/2016 Tue 4:00pm EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Vesta Cancer
07/26/2016 Tue 4:18pm EDT Moon Taurus Oppose Juno Scorpio
07/26/2016 Tue 6:02pm EDT Sun Leo Square Moon (Half Moon) Taurus
07/26/2016 Tue 8:25pm EDT Moon Taurus Sextile Pallas Pisces
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This Month's Ingresses...
07/12/2016 Tue 12:30am EDT Venus enters Leo
07/13/2016 Wed 7:45pm EDT Mercury enters Leo
07/15/2016 Fri 6:40pm EDT Ceres enters Taurus
07/19/2016 Tue 1:02am EDT Vesta enters Cancer
07/22/2016 Fri 4:18am EDT Sun enters Leo
07/30/2016 Sat 1:15pm EDT Mercury enters Virgo
This Month's Stations...
07/29/2016 Fri 11:35am EDT Uranus Aries Retrograde