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Weekly Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, July 27th, 2015

Song of the Week

Well I started out down a dirty road
Started out all alone
And the sun went down as I crossed the hill
And the town lit up, the world got still

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

Well the good ol' days may not return
And the rocks might melt and the sea may burn

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out for God knows where
I guess I'll know when I get there

I'm learning to fly, around the clouds
But what goes up must come down

((( Tom Petty - Learning to Fly )))

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Weekly Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, July 27th, 2015

Venus retrograde... Uranus retrograde... This is the astrological equivalent of being back in "pre-school" and learning the "Stop, Look & Listen"... That is because with these two planets being retrograde, there are sure to be strange and unexpected situations that will develop.

Work with me on this...
I am a Libra, and Venus is my ruling planet... So this morning I settle down to write and post the horoscope summary and sure enough, "Bessie" (my computer) doesn't want to light up one of the monitors... Normally, things like that could send you into a bit of a panic but knowing that Uranus is retro I remain cool, calm & collected... Ya never want to try to "fix something that isn't really broken" or else you'll break it for sure... hehe... So I pour another cuppa-coffee and keep workin' with only one screen... Sure enough, about 10 minutes later the other monitor decides to "wake up"... It makes sense, hell I was at a party last nite and I was slow to get up too this morning... hehe...

Uranus retrograde is a lot like Mercury retro on steroids... Uranus is sorta-kinda like Mercury's older and wilder brother... Uranus can also be like the "mad scientist" of the 'Zac... Doing "experiments" just to see what may happen... hehe... The main function of Uranus going retrograde is to cause us to reach deeper within ourselves and to find new and more brilliant answers and solutions and not just accept the lazy ones that we are often presented with... It calls on us to be more expressive and progressive in embracing our future... Yeah, it's going to cause electrical and communication problems... (ugghhh)... But that is just to show us it is time to update certain elements of our lives... That's why I hustled to get the new website active BEFORE it went retro... hehe...

Venus retro... This one can "cost us some money"... hehe... Like my computer example above... Who knows, perhaps it's time for a new computer & monitors... Geeshka, I think Moses was still ridin' a bike when this machine was built... hehe... Venus retro is there to cause us to re-think or re-examine our current approach to finances and possessions... Venus is there to help us to stream-line our lives... To make things easier and less aggravting for things that are out-dated... But to also know when it's best to fix/repair and add more value to things that are still good... (relax "bessie" perhaps a new make-over with a new mother-board and video cards will do the trick)... hehe... (gotta be considerate of your computer's feelin's hehe..)

Ok... I'll go into this more during the week... As I'm sure you can see... There is a hell of a lot more work to do on the website... There are tons of pages that need to be restored... I have to adjust the pages so the text can be enlarged... Fix broken links... etc etc... And by all means if you find a problem send an email to let me know... I am not going to be able to answer/reply but I read each one and add the issue to "the list"...

Anyway... The biggest & most important thing to remember right now is NOT to do anything sudden or impulsive... And not to get all nervous, jerky or flustered if things malfunction... Most of the time, it is going to be a "sign" that items need your attention... And BIG TIME THANKS to Bob Meyer... He is the "wizard behind the scenes" that finds ways to make all this work... Perhaps the smartest guy I know... Ok... I am going to get back to it... Thanks for stoppin' by and try to spread the word about the new site if you can... (thanks!!)

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio...

The biggest issue with your overall chart with Venus & Uranus both retrograde will be in not allowing your mind & imagination to make issues more difficult or bigger than they really are... The key to this energy is to remember to break things down into small chucks and to deal with one thing at a time... Believe me, it sounds simplistic but it really works... (try it and see)... You must adhere to your highest standards of ethics and integrity... Take the high road in all you do!!

Your weekly chart is similar to your overall chart in the fact that you cannot allow your long term views to become blurred by the current details you may have to deal with... Nor can you allow these transits to shake, rattle & roll your mood or attitude too... Although it is very likely that you could be ignoring important facts or details that could prove to be extremely important to your future... In a way, this energy seems to be allowing you a fresh new start... Be positive!!

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