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Daily Horoscope Summary for Aquarius...

...Horoscope cast for Sunday, May 29th, 2016

Weekend Summary:

"And these things I carry now, In this bittersweet, In this bittersweet, now
Oh, now hold your hands up to the sky and try so hard you rise above
Everythign is beathing down, yeah, yeah...
Try to own the own beneath the skin" -Bittersweet lyrics by Fuel

So you likely have heard that Mars (now retrograde on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius) is Super close to Earth right now, closer than it's been in over 10 years (with the peak being on Monday)... So I'd be a really crummy astrologer if I didn't remind you that this means we have to give everything extra breathing room right now and the less we try to rush things into action and Being, the better... sometimes it's the thought that counts, this time it's the intention, not the action that will make the biggest impression.

Once you get past this urgent sort of pressure that lies on the top of things, when you can really get down the the core level, where it all gets most interesting and LIVEly....then it's the T-Square with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune that really reveals the mechanics behind the scene this weekend...

What makes Now so Unique.... Some people call it "Timeline Jumping" some people call it "Dimensional shifting" some people call it "Spiritual Rebirth" or "Being born unto a New You "....whatever you call it, most of you are familiar with the idea, or have experienced it yourself, that you can find yourself having shifted into a whole new way, mode, life, experience, surroudnings, etc....it's a subtle but Profound change where you suddenly realize that you are Not exactly the person you were before and it shows up in all sorts of little obscure ways ...and you just know....what's so interesting is you almost Never see it coming...it has to do with the subtle building of intention combined with action, nothing grand and bold like in the movies, just a steady increasing of Will put to the test of time and perserverance and Whammo! Scotty beams you up and out you come into the exact same place...only its a little different, a little better.....might just Be, the stairway to Heaven (yes, that stairway goes both ways).

So on a Core Amazing and intense level, That is what's working in the the big mechanics in the grand sky with so much potential right now...

There isn't a heck of a lot of "To Do" about it...it's more a testing of strength over time, a balanced push forward where you don't over do, or over stress yourself, but hold on with true grit...and let go of what no longer serves, ever looking ahead at what you hope to find over the next horizon, while keeping your feet moving one step at a time through the Now... This is where the Saturn in Sagittarius part really comes in, there's lesons to be learned and that just means not taking anything too seriously, it's not punishment when things get wacko, in fact, it's nearly the opposite, these are great gifts of self propulsion...

That's it, I think I hear Scotty calling my name....

Cheers and lOVE in (the) Growing Light!

~dawn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Aquarius...

Your intense platform for renewal right now gears upon your being able to set aside the focus on the external and really get to the core level of things, your intuition is highlighted right now as is your ability to connect with others, pay close attention to what calls your favor right now, a great time for new relationships to form...

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