Daily Horoscope Summary for Gemini...

...Horoscope cast for Friday, August 26th, 2016

Hey Moon-Doggies...
Today's energy will shift and bring with it a more adventurous streak... The kind where our minds work more efficiently and our curiosity levels are elevated as well... Our powers of observation and awareness are able sense things that would normally be overlooked... You'll see this in action in the way that others tend to become more philosophical.

On a personal level, I try to use this energy to learn new things by trying new things... I read a lot under these conditions... Especially where advanced technology and history are concerned... I like to learn how the really ancient astrologers who mixed astrology and astronomy (like I do) invented new ways, means and methods of extracting information from the chart... For these guys, the charts were often the key to their own survival so they were not interested in "theories"... They needed chart info that could be relied upon.

What is so great about chart energy like today's is that we also have Mars and Saturn nearly perfectly aligned too... That gives us the strength and stamina to get things done... The energy favors physical activity... The Mars part wants to jump right in and get busy, but the Saturn part adds the wisdom of planning ahead and working out all the details in your mind before you do things to prevent un-expected problems or issues from happening.

So this can be a very beneficial time if we use this chart energy to our advantage... Know what you want to get done... Do the planning first and then get to it... Sounds easy huh?... hehe... Thanks for stoppin' by... I'll talk to you guys later...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Gemini...

The daily horoscope for Gemini shows the planets are working in the background in order to restore fairness and justice in your life... It doesn't happen instantly, but you will find the rewards rolling in for you past actions and efforts that have helped and assisted others... This energy favors any kind of social activity... There may be many reversals that take place that favor you!!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Aug 26 2016 8:30 pm   to   Aug 26 11:06 pm Cancer
Aug 29 2016 2:23 am   to   Aug 29 4:11 am Leo
Aug 31 2016 0:20 am   to   Aug 31 11:22 am Virgo
Sep 2 2016 6:13 pm   to   Sep 2 8:55 pm Libra
Sep 4 2016 8:30 pm   to   Sep 5 8:38 am Scorpio
Sep 7 2016 8:43 pm   to   Sep 7 9:20 pm Sagittarius
Sep 9 2016 8:51 pm   to   Sep 10 8:55 am Capricorn
Sep 12 2016 6:00 am   to   Sep 12 5:29 pm Aquarius
Sep 14 2016 11:31 am   to   Sep 14 10:23 pm Pisces
Sep 16 2016 3:05 pm   to   Sep 17 0:22 am Aries
Sep 18 2016 4:10 pm   to   Sep 19 0:58 am Taurus
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
08/26/2016 Fri 12:53am EDT Mars Sagittarius Square Neptune Pisces

08/26/2016 Fri 12:09pm EDT Moon Gemini Sextile Uranus Aries

08/26/2016 Fri 12:38pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Chiron Pisces
08/26/2016 Fri 3:17pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Venus Virgo

08/26/2016 Fri 5:13pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Jupiter Virgo

08/26/2016 Fri 7:26pm EDT Moon Gemini Trine Pallas Aquarius
08/26/2016 Fri 7:34pm EDT Moon Gemini Square Mercury Virgo

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This Month's Ingresses...
08/02/2016 Tue 11:46am EDT Mars enters Sagittarius
08/05/2016 Fri 10:22am EDT Venus enters Virgo
08/20/2016 Sat 4:26pm EDT Pallas enters Aquarius
08/22/2016 Mon 11:25am EDT Sun enters Virgo
08/29/2016 Mon 9:01pm EDT Venus enters Libra
This Month's Stations...
08/13/2016 Sat 3:49am EDT Saturn Sagittarius Direct
08/30/2016 Tue 7:50am EDT Mercury Virgo Retrograde
08/31/2016 Wed 9:44am EDT Ceres Taurus Retrograde

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