Daily Horoscope Summary for Pisces...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, September 26th, 2016

Happy Birthday Donna Marie...
With Jupiter aligning with the Sun in the sign of Libra this week, it is a clear signal that the key to our own success will be determined by our abilities to interact and thrive with others who share the same goals and objectives that we do... Energy patterns like this tend to be very unifying in nature... But it often asks that we go the extra mile in the things that we do... The key to this is chart energy is to do everything "by choice"... To do things not because you "have" to... But because you "choose" to and want to... Even if there is nothing that you may personally gain... That is perhaps one of the greatest Jupiter lessons I have learned over the years.

Today's energy can cause many to want the attention and admiration of others... Or maybe it's more accurate to call it the desire to show others your talents and abilities... For the most part it's actually rather innocent, like a kid saying "Hey Look what I can do!"... And with the Jupiter/Sun connection, it can cause some to take things too far... Or to overdo things... If you feel the need to perform, remember "Don't be that guy"... hehe... (unless others encourage you to)...

Like I said in the weekly 'scopes... I am technically on vacation, so I am going to cut this short... Big time thanks for stopping by... I'll talk to you guys in the daily 'scopes...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Pisces...

The daily horoscope for Pisces shows that you will be presented with choices and decisions that will need to be made... These choices are more difficult because the chart shows that each side is looking really good for you... It's not an issue of good or bad, but more of preference... This is a chart that makes it clear that paying attention to the small details will prove to be very important in the future... It's a clear signal not to make any assumptions... If not sure, ask questions!!!

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Sep 27 2016 4:52 am   to   Sep 27 5:43 pm Virgo
Sep 29 2016 6:05 am   to   Sep 30 3:52 am Libra
Oct 2 2016 1:43 am   to   Nov 2 3:43 pm Scorpio
Oct 4 2016 9:04 pm   to   Oct 5 4:26 am Sagittarius
Oct 7 2016 2:26 am   to   Oct 7 4:40 pm Capricorn
Oct 9 2016 12:51 pm   to   Oct 10 2:33 am Aquarius
Oct 11 2016 7:49 pm   to   Oct 12 8:43 am Pisces
Oct 14 2016 3:13 am   to   Oct 14 11:08 am Aries
Oct 16 2016 0:23 am   to   Oct 16 10:46 am Taurus
Oct 17 2016 10:46 am   to   Oct 18 10:30 am Gemini
Oct 20 2016 7:16 am   to   Oct 20 11:28 am Cancer
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
09/26/2016 Mon 2:02am EDT Sun Libra Conjunct Jupiter Libra
You are your own vocation, and the best way for you to get ahead in the world is just to be yourself. Your optimum job is just being you, which often indicates a career in front of the public (politics, sales, whatever). Lucky by nature, others sense this and like to be with you. Your general outlook on life is attractive, and people seek you out to help them with their problems. You are a natural guide and counselor. Very successful.

09/26/2016 Mon 5:28am EDT Moon Leo Trine Saturn Sagittarius
Your sense of responsibility is so well developed that you always end up managing any situation you become involved in. You are disciplined, work hard, and are good at getting others to work with and for you. Perhaps a little too serious and frugal, you enjoy getting along on less. Essentials are what count. You like to keep to yourself and tend to avoid too much socializing. Others may prefer keeping some distance too.

09/26/2016 Mon 9:35am EDT Venus Scorpio Oppose Ceres Taurus
09/26/2016 Mon 5:54pm EDT Moon Leo Square Juno Scorpio
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This Month's Ingresses...
09/09/2016 Fri 5:57am EDT Jupiter enters Libra
09/22/2016 Thu 9:09am EDT Sun enters Libra (Autumnal Equinox)
09/23/2016 Fri 9:46am EDT Venus enters Scorpio
09/27/2016 Tue 2:35am EDT Mars enters Capricorn
This Month's Stations...
09/22/2016 Thu 12:28am EDT Mercury Virgo Direct
09/26/2016 Mon 4:33am EDT Pluto Capricorn Direct

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