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Daily Horoscope Summary for Pisces...

...Horoscope cast for Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

As I approach my 2nd Saturn Return, I have a lot goin' on inside my head... So today I am just gonna share some of my thoughts if that's ok with you guys...

My Mom & Dad used to tell my brothers and I "to be safe" before we went out to play... And we'd nod in agreement as we went out the door... And an hour later we were hoppin' on freight trains (for the ride) and basically seein' how far we could go in the things we could do... I 'spose we did everything we shouldn't have done... But later in life as we grew up, my brother Kenny went on to travel the world fixing nuclear reactors... My brother Pat was awarded the Scientist of the Year (twice) and was the Chief Technical Architect of the NSA/CSS... My brother Mike ended up as Chair of the Economics Dept at Ohio State Toledo... My sisters turned out to be rather solid too... I guess I am a bit of the "black-sheep"... but I get to work in barefeet and do horoscope charts... (aren't I the lucky one hehe)... I'm glad we didn't listen sometimes... hehe...

Struggle isn't always a bad thing... It wasn't easy for us as kids, but I dunno if we ever really noticed that... Yeah, it's hard sometimes, but we make it through... If things broke we were screwed if we didn't learn how to fix things... Kenny and I bought our first car (for $5) when he was 13 and I was 11... The plan was to "fix it up" by the time we could get our drivers license... That plan didn't work out so well... We did get the car to run, but we never got it "road-worthy"... But we learned a hell of a lot in the process...

With 5 kids of my own, I am one that totally understands the urge to want to make things as easy as it can be for our kids, but that isn't always what the kids themselves need... Deep inside me, I always wonder if the younger kids today are missing the adventures we had when we were kids running wild & running free... If you have never rode a freight-train or jumped out of an airplane, how come??...

There comes a time when we all have to "grow up" and direct that same committed feeling towards the people we love and care about... Some get all emotional about it, but I call that "inner strength" where you know what needs to be done and you have the balls to do it when it's up to you... And personally I agree... There is nothing more magical in life than "committed strength"!!!... That is what wakes you up in the morning and keeps you in the game, even though there is a ga-jillion others wanting to take your place.

I like to do my charts "by hand"... There is something that happens as you draw the chart... You see all the different placements develop one by one... You see the tensions as well as the relief... It's like the universe is teaching us how to breathe in a Spiritual Manner...

Personally, I could care less if you guys like my 'Scopes or not... THey are what they are... I do know this... These are the most accurate 'Scopes you can find... And those that have been following them and have benefited from them aren't shy about saying so... I'm smart enough to know it's not about "me"... I'm not any sage or guru fercrissakes... I'm just like you guys that are tryin' to figger it all out too so I can have the best possible life experience.

My own opinion when I look at our current chart... Don't be safe... Don't make your kids be safe... Let them explore the world... To fire up their imaginations... To be able to fail a million times if you must in order to reach your hopes, dreams and wishes... To discover our own possibilities... Work with me on this... Each chart has incredible potentials... The past few years I've lost a lot of really close and awesome people... The kind that weren't afraid to live large... For me, it's a freakin' crime to have a life and not try to live it to it's fullest potential!!

I could say more... but i'm sure you know what i mean... thanks for stoppin' by... and if you do not agree, that's fine with me... because that is how we learn to understand each other...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Pisces...

As strange as it sounds, this energy is there to bring you to a place where there is not a care in the world... This energy is so focused on your immediate home and family issues... At the core, you may find that it's the financial/material elements that can create distance... There are also many elements beyond your ability to control that are also in play... Focus on living more in the moment.

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