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Daily Horoscope Summary for Cancer...

...Horoscope cast for Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Just as I have been saying for the past year about the end of the Shmittah Year and the beginning of the "Year of Jubilee" that there was likely to be major stock market/financial market upheavals... It seems now that everywhere we turn, the media is throwing some kind of "Doom & Gloom" warnings at us... And while some of those in fact may be accurate, you cannot allow that to prevent you from seeing the Bigger Picture...

Work with me on this...
This 50 Year Cycle (Jubilee) has been going on for thousands of years... And it will continue to do so too... It's meaning relates to it being a time when the universe sounds it's horns or trumpets... It's both a time of "judgments" as well as "new beginnings"... And if you take a look at what is going on all around us, it's easy to see how all this is taking place.

Humble... Yeah, part of me would love to be able to shout about "how right I have been"... But the truth in the room is that these systems & formulas of time & cycles have been around for thousands of year and I am merely just writing down what has already been written in the stars & planets... Yeah, I 'spose I am pretty smart, but I surely am no Einstein fercrissakes... Hell, I can screw up a wet-dream when left to my own devices... And I am sure it's very similar to you guys too.

Over the next few weeks there'll be a lot more talk about the Shmittah Year... The Year of Jubilee and the last Blood Moon of this current Tetrad... A lot of people "turn it off" and stop listening when they feel that this may have some kind of "religious" implications or meaning... Keep in mind, these cycles have been described and written about long BEFORE there were religions... And even if you do not believe in a "Universal Intelligence" (a.k.a "God") the simple fact is that someone/something inspired the ancients to write their scripts onto clay tablets 5000 years ago or older.

But a good way to put it all into perspective... At least for me it is... Would be that "history happened"... It continues to happen and life goes on... I see it that the universe doesn't have hands and arms to wrap around us during times of transformation that we are moving towards, so it gives us each other to help & assist... Let's face it, this current system isn't working too well for the "regular guys"... (be quiet daniel & be satisfied with your mobile phone and big screen television and pass us the olives)... hehe... I just hope as this new transformation shakes out it proves to be "better" than the way it was before.

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Cancer...

Just as a relationship starts out with a freshness and excitement, that energy eventually has to settle into a more practical and cooperative effort... That is what is going on in your chart at the moment... You are being asked to focus your attention on blending both the natural/earthy energy with that of the spiritual world... As you can imagine, great things can happen when practical energy is mixed with magic... hehe... The more you do today, the stronger you become too!!

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