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Daily Horoscope Summary for Capricorn...

...Horoscope cast for Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Weekend Summary:

The heat is on, on the street, Inside your head, on every beat,
And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
The pressure’s high, just to stay alive
‘Cuase the heat is on
Oh woo oh ho, oh woo oh ho
Caught up in the action I’ve been looking out for you…
Tell me can you feel it? Tell me can you feel it? “Glenn Frey – The Heat is On

If you’re like me, you get a little excited about things like cookies. My grandma used to make some killer cookies (yours too, huh?!) but my modern mind runs away with itself saying things like “Really, lard is not a great choice” and blah blah something about organic….Well, I am stubborn (you too, huh?!) and I have, over the years, maintained a steady conviction and steadfast faith that something can be healthy And like a cookie!!! I finally think I have chanced upon it! (don’t worry, I love you so much I am sharing my recipe below!). This really is some classic Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon energy at work (hope your week saw something of equal delight and delightful breakthrough quality). … For sure it was my continued and steadfast faith that assured my success!!!!

Like cookie dough in a nut shell, this actually says a lot about the wave of energy we’ve been doled since the passing of the last fateful lunar eclipse…there’s a shift of favor towards the determined but not in a grudging way…the fine balance between a clear, serious mind and an unwavering faith... the focus can not be so much on the result as the in-term process…the details of the now are highlighted elucidating what is most able and likely to come next… The burgeoning can already be felt by many and it’s the alignment of the North Node and Mercury both at the cusp of Libra right now that is activating this heightened awareness.

But they aren’t acting alone as we’ve got a serious grouping of planets aligned here, and as fate waves it’s magic wand, there’s just as much at play regarding our measures of respect and dignity for the process itself. This has a lot of communal energy attached to it as we relate to others in Their process. This is a cue to pay close attention to how we act with others, there is a driving force here that must be kept in check…easy to overdo or overemphasize…

We’ll begin to notice a growing sense of personal demands and a taste for the autonomous with this energy as the sun reaches the midpoint of Libra and Saturn beings its journey in Sagittarius. This energy is here to teach us personal lessons but also to boost our desire to push into new territory for our own sake, our own demands, our own measured goals and aspirations! This energy can be really rockin’ and is what leads to views back from the future where we say “wow, I was a totally different person then!” Cheers to Love & Light in the dark.

~∂awn exton

Dawn’s Famous Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon Cookie but Not Cookie Easy Breakfast Recipe (did I mention how Easy it is!):
Mash one or two bananas
Add one or two or three tablespoons of coconut oil
Add a bunch of cinnamon
Add a bunch more cocoa powder
Add some cocoa nibs for crunchy double antioxidant appeal
Add one pinch of sea salt
Add some dried cranberries for a masterful fruitful cocoa compliment
Add between one quarter and 1 cup of rolled oats
Add a bit of boiling water
Optional- Add a wee bit of sugar (try coconut crystals for nutritious sweet) depending on the demands of your taste buds and caloric needs
Let sit for a more mushy oatmeal mix or eat right away for a more crunchy granola effect! Bask in love for the sense of taste!

The Daily Horoscope for Capricorn...

Your active element of elucidation and stolid personal consideration will likely be working to highlight your own personal flair and objectives, this is really cool energy because it draws people into your own areas of focus naturally, who you align with and how you move forward is key…change is on the line.

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