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Daily Horoscope for Libra


Daily Horoscope cast for Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Daily Summary...

Many of us will approach some forks in the road today, and this can leave us with some tough decisions to make. On one hand, people are going to be a lot more aggressive than usual. They are going to want to see things done, and they'll want them to be done quickly. This can extend to our conversations as well, where people aren't always going to put things in the best possible tone. So there might be a little bit of acrimony.

At the same time, we can be entrenched in these situations that call for us to do things differently. The same old ways aren't going to work as well as the once may have. This requires a bit of thought and ingenuity in order to work through problems. Unfortunately, you combine this with the aggression and most people aren't going to have the patience to discover the best new method for doing things. You might end up with plans being halfway done and then getting scrapped because people couldn't wait anymore.

In the end, the universe doesn't care so much about methodology here. You need to find a way to get things done and take them to a better place. A lot of the debates and frustrations today will center on the particulars of how things are done. At the same time, they don't totally matter. People can get bent out of shape because things weren't done a certain way, but you should be focusing on the ends, not the means. Ultimately, it comes down to keeping an open mind and understanding your situations. If you don't know enough about something, do some research to find out more. And if someone wants to utilize a different method, give them enough space to see how it turns out. The more you can avoid forcing things into happening, the better off they're going to turn out. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Libra...

You can be aggressive in seeking out new people to network with, but it won't matter who you connect with if you don't make a good first impression. Your issue is you can put so much of an onus on establishing contact that when people actually do listen to you, you haven't though enough about what to say. Being prepared for such things is very important, and you'd be wise to play out different scenarios in your mind first. Establish plans and stick with them. There's also an element of instability in situations here, so be ready to adapt to things that change quickly.

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Daily Tao

The world has a beginning
We regard it as the mother of the world
Having its mother
We can know her children
Knowing her children
Still holding on to the mother
Live without danger all through life

Close the mouth
Shut the doors
Live without toil all through life
Open the mouth
Meddle in the affairs
Live without salvation all through life

Seeing details is called clarity
Holding on to the soft is called strength
Utilize the light
Return to the clarity
Leaving no disasters for the self
This is called practicing constancy

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