Daily Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Weekend SUmmary:

Raw Fuel.

Saturn in Sag. With the World coming into New Order, there's an undeniable uncovering at work... an era of expose and enlightenment...the "What Can Be?" of the past is unmistakably being replaced with "What Could Be?" and it's the Dreaming Creative Element that is really at play...

The uncovering is a grand thing as it carries a highly accelerated pace of enlightenment and awarenss, but, it's a rabbit hole....take it as far as you please. The Fast Track to it all lies much more simply in working within this new found space (it's kinda like building neural pathways) to Enter the Possible...

Yeah it takes a little dreaming to get the job done, maybe the job is dreaming.

The key is really all about the alignment with the Sympathetic Vibrations that are around you... finding those that share your frequency and simply being in tune... even just the Awareness of others with a similar vibration can sync a connection... The Super charged energy from Mars right now can be a push into a new directions but the thing to is in moderating the momentum....

Cheers & Love in the Growing Light~

~dawn exton


The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio...

This is an emotional time for you where you are likely to be picking up on the energies from others and finding yourself in a much more connected zone...pay close attention to what changes need to be made by you and keep your focus centered in on your emotional core...

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Today's Chart's Aspects...
02/26/2017 Sun 1:13am EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct S.Node Pisces
You always can say just what you mean. Almost always right-on when it comes to questions of feelings, you take an active interest in psychology, different cultures, and history. You can find support from all sides when it comes to any sort of mental activity -- writing, speaking, and all forms of communication.

02/26/2017 Sun 4:28am EDT Sun Pisces Sextile Juno Capricorn
02/26/2017 Sun 7:27am EDT Moon Pisces Sextile Ceres Taurus
02/26/2017 Sun 9:38am EDT Moon Pisces Sextile Juno Capricorn
02/26/2017 Sun 9:56am EDT Sun Pisces Conjunct Moon (New Moon) Pisces
02/26/2017 Sun 3:52pm EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct Neptune Pisces
You find the past, tradition, and all that is historical very romantic, and the ideal world of yesteryear seems to beckon and call. You are most imaginative when it comes to anything spiritual, or psychological -- pertaining to the psyche. Others find you entrancing and always able to draw them into your world of images and dreams. You can inspire them with spiritual ideals. No one has any doubt that you are a high floater -- a full-blown dreamer, complete with built-in psychic abilities and probably given to visions.

02/26/2017 Sun 8:06pm EDT Mars Aries Conjunct Uranus Aries
You are probably hard to control and very unpredictable. Your drive for independence is obvious, and it is clear that the common and the traditional are not for you. Anything else but that! You pursue alternate or nonconformist solutions to life with great energy. Your temper is hot and sharp and tends to snap out like a lightning bolt. You are aggressive in the pursuit of gaining insight into all that is new, different, and out of the ordinary. Electronics, computers, and communications could be a big part of your life.

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This Month's Ingresses...
02/03/2017 Fri 10:57am EDT Venus enters Aries
02/03/2017 Fri 11:33pm EDT Ceres enters Taurus
02/04/2017 Sat 5:57am EDT Vesta enters Cancer
02/07/2017 Tue 4:33am EDT Mercury enters Aquarius
02/18/2017 Sat 6:25am EDT Sun enters Pisces
02/25/2017 Sat 6:05pm EDT Mercury enters Pisces
This Month's Stations...
02/06/2017 Mon 2:10am EDT Jupiter Libra Retrograde

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