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Daily Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Today's chart is looking to be like one of those days where the focus is directed at getting things done... It's the kind of vibe that requires us to "put on our big boy pants" and to handle all those tasks and chores that need to be done that we really do not feel like doing... hehe... It also has the requirement to carry out those tasks with excellence and solid attention to the details too. The chart is loaded with a ton of financial indicators too, so the actions we take can lead us to much greater returns & rewards later on.

This chart indicates many new transformations that are starting to take hold... The retrograde planets can be a major pain the butt, but they also have a way of pointing out all those little details that we have overlooked... They can help us to un-complicate things or to break large tasks down into more manageable chucks...

Anyway... That's it for right now... Thanks for stoppin' by and I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio...

The Scorpio chart shows that a new era of growth and experience has started... This is energy that can take you far away from your usual like conditions and expose you to options and opportunities that you may never have considered before... Travel often factors very strongly into this too... This is a chart that wants to elevate your perception to the highest of levels... It brings out the explorer in you and asks the question "what is on the other side of that mountain"... This is the kind of pattern that brings awesome life transformations into reality... Looks like fun times!!

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