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Daily Horoscope Summary for Scorpio...

...Horoscope cast for Saturday, August 1st, 2015

When a pint of ice cream is worth more than half the value of sterling silver, you start to wonder if the world will ever return to it’s former glory (the world had former glory, right?!). Actually, it IS a great time to buy precious metals as these are seriously low right now and will likely sky rocket in value at some future time….That’s a lot of the essence of the energy we are rockin’ right now….seeking the things that are worth value, but not necessarily Right Now…it’s all about planning for the future and with a chart highlight the hell our of a retrograde Venus, we can bet that finances and what we consider of value will be front and center in the spot light!

What can we do to come out on top? The key is in release right now, it has a lot to do with narrowing our focus and simplifying our lives, if it doesn’t serve you now and you doubt it will later, Get Rid of IT! The challenge comes from making the right decision here as it won’t always be easy to tell the difference, one thing is for sure though, History Will repeat itself, but we have the awareness not to allow this to be a factor in our own lives! Whoot!

This energy is loaded with emotional current and it can be well worth our while to focus in on our own needs and feelings at this time. This has a lot of use when dealing with others, family, home life, and our closest connections that are feeding on this energy and are being fed by a retrograde Pluto…. SO if you get the feeing you are all over the place and have a general lack of focus or direction….you’re not alone! The key here is actually focused on the simplifying and clarifying what is feeding our own interests, good vibes, and will have a Lasting positive effect (drop the drama!). While it can be SO easy to jump into the spur of the moment good vibe (This ice cream is Fabulous), it will prove to be much more beneficial to ride things out and wait for a greater return down the road. Patience. Perseverance. Pride in our own future gain and growth!

Time to Rock the Day!

Cheers, Love & Light!!

~∂awn exton

The Daily Horoscope for Scorpio...

You’ll find your awareness awakening to your core emotional needs and what will be of lasting value in areas related to your own personal powers, there’s much to learn so pay close attention to what is unfolding around you, release control. Your passions ignite where you are able to say how you truly feel.

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