Daily Horoscope Summary for Leo...

...Horoscope cast for Thursday, October 20th, 2016

It was bowling night here in the Land of Buff... And although our team did not fare too well... In fact, we are in last place, I do think we are in first place in having a damn good time... (that is terrific daniel, but how about gettin' to the 'scopes because I am on a schedule fercrissakes... and please pass me the olives while you're at it)... hehe...

So today we are at the climax moment (was it good for you?) of the Mars/Pluto alignment... The natural tendency is to think, OK, the transit has passed and we can all relax now... But that is definitely not the case... Wait, lemme 'splain something to you guys...

I'm not tryin' to dog other astrologers... But... (pointing to my butt)... But the vast majority of them try to see the charts in a "A+B=C" kind of formula... Where you can pre-determine the outcomes by the planet aspects that are being made... But that doesn't account for free-choice... Astrology does not predict outcomes... Outcomes are determine by the way each of us chooses to respond to the energy we encounter... Trackin' with me on this?...

I say this a lot... That having the best chart energy is useless unless you get up off the couch and go and try to do something new and different... Most of the time, that is more a reminder to myself not to waste the opportunities these current transits may offer us... Still with me?...

That's it for now... I'll talk to you guys tomorrow...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Leo...

The daily horoscope for Leo is one that reminds you that "the wheels on the bus go 'round 'n round" and that even though the universe is favoring your sign these days, that will not always be the case... This energy is there to make sure that you can stand tall on your own and to make you as self-sufficient as possible... Flattery gets you no-where, this energy demands personal advancement.

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
All times are showin in EST/EDT...
(adjust to your own time zone)
Oct 20 2016 7:16 am   to   Oct 20 11:28 am Cancer
Oct 22 2016 3:14 pm   to   Oct 22 3:34 pm Leo
Oct 24 2016 8:21 am   to   Oct 24 11:16 pm Virgo
Oct 26 2016 2:33 pm   to   Oct 27 9:51 am Libra
Oct 29 2016 6:09 am   to   Oct 29 10:01 pm Scorpio
Oct 31 2016 10:44 pm   to   Nov 1 10:43 am Sagittarius
Nov 6 2016 5:00 am   to   Nov 6 8:55 am Aquarius
Nov 8 2016 8:59 am   to   Nov 8 4:46 pm Pisces
Nov 10 2016 6:16 pm   to   Nov 10 8:45 pm Aries
Nov 12 2016 7:45 am   to   Nov 12 9:24 pm Taurus
Nov 14 2016 8:52 am   to   Nov 14 8:23 pm Gemini
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
10/20/2016 Thu 3:04am EDT Mercury Libra Oppose Uranus Aries
You play it pretty straight when it comes to the words and ideas you use. You make a virtue out of plain talk, and tend to avoid jargon and all things new or unusual. You could find that nonconformists, so-called radicals, like to pit themselves against you in conversation and arguments. You do this too often to be a real innocent. Your avoidance of the novel and unorthodox at every turn is itself a bit unusual.

10/20/2016 Thu 6:25am EDT Sun Libra Trine Moon Gemini
You are very fortunate in being able to grow and progress throughout your life without major difficulties. You can always find the resources you require at hand plus the necessary instruction in how to use them. An inner vision, coupled with the ability to see the "Big" picture, often finds you working as a go-between with others. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing older and younger spirits together. A love of animals, children, older people, and the needy and downtrodden in general, is a lifelong trait.

10/20/2016 Thu 8:34am EDT Moon Gemini Sextile Ceres Aries
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This Month's Ingresses...
10/06/2016 Thu 10:43pm EDT Vesta enters Leo
10/07/2016 Fri 2:51am EDT Mercury enters Libra
10/15/2016 Sat 12:46am EDT Ceres enters Aries
10/18/2016 Tue 1:59am EDT Venus enters Sagittarius
10/22/2016 Sat 6:36pm EDT Sun enters Scorpio
10/24/2016 Mon 3:43pm EDT Mercury enters Scorpio
This Month's Stations...
10/19/2016 Wed 12:04pm EDT Pallas Aquarius Direct

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