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Daily Horoscope Summary for Leo...

...Horoscope cast for Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Weekend Summary:

“You ain’t seen nothin’ Yet”

Yippie. Here we go, into May Day Weekend. We have a weekend that rolls forth with a lot of emotional and relationship oriented energy and one heck of a lot of machines that will not work no matter what you freaking think you are doing!!!!! Hahaha Jeez, I better try to make this quick…Mercury is retro (along with Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto) so working with the electronics and machines right now can be a bit of a challenge…. (Key: give things time, they may just need to sort out their own cross hairs- that goes for relationships especially now too!).

All right so we know about the scrambled nature of things and this is a cue to Relax and roll with it, it’s likely not as serious or as crazy as it may seem right now… Or maybe it is…we are making “stars”, finding new moons, the White House is on lock down, Area 51 has a mushroom cloud, Putin has six clones, Zimbabwe has money backed with Real Gold, and Trump really does have all his hair….wait, hold on a minute, I gotta check my sources….

Aside from all that, there is a definite tightening and focusing of energy around communication patterns right now, which is funny of course, considering how easy it is for the lines to get crossed at this time… still, it will be ultra important then, to pay close attention to our own inner signals and intuitions, this is when things may not make All the sense that they will later…this is also when things can get hay wire enough to create major breakthroughs….think psychological release, healing, personal integration and the like…

Along with this energy comes a more overt drive towards expression. This can be comedy gold. This is when people get the inkling to do something, don’t think (sometimes people just don’t think) and then entertainment becomes vivid and without boundaries. Great for the viewing, maybe not so great for the doing…

On a more serious note, this energy seems to be drawing a definite focus upon our own outlook, this is not based in the moment but a projection of what is to come…a key time to work on clarification and identification of our most intense goals and working to define them, find the edges, feel the creases. There is an intuitive edge that cannot be missed here and a great time for giving back to the self- pure self focus here can work magic, get into your “me” zone (there’s no such thing as No time, even a moment is plenty of time, said the guy watching the water come to boil). There’s been a lot of this lately, and I’ll say it again – Force yourself out of the box. With this much retrograde energy its easier than you think- Go For It!

Cheers to an expressive, regressive push towards the progressive!

~dawn exton

PS Got a moment for a little Bachman Turner Overdrive ? Why not?

The Daily Horoscope for Leo...

This is give yourself a little indulgent break energy if I ever saw it…this is one of those times where you just have to take a step back and make sure you aren’t putting too much stress and strain on yourself by taking on too much responsibility, even if you love it! There is a Big key in finding self love in an alternate matter, get your self groove on.

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