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Daily Horoscope Summary for Leo...

...Horoscope cast for Monday, August 3rd, 2015

It's Monday Madness here at WeeklyHoroscope...
Let's get into this... When you look at the image below, at first it doesn't seem all that spectacular... But as you start to notice that the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars are all located together in a tight little corner of the chart... And on the other side of the chart... Way off on their own, is Saturn, Neptune, Chiron & Uranus.

Anybody that's every been to a party where they had the feeling that they didn't quite "fit in" can totally relate to this kind of pattern... The issue is that Saturn, retro Neptune, Chiron and retro Uranus are the "Wild Bunch" of the Zodiac... And when these guys are bored, restless or are being ignored, you can bet that they are going to stir up some kind of fun, excitement or chose to breath some life into the current activities... hehe...

We've all been to weddings where they feel compelled to play "The Dirge/Dance of the Dead"... hehe... (that's what I call Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight")... hehe... I'm a big fan of Eric Clapton, but c'mon... When they play that song, that is when you see what looks like stiff zombies staggering around on the dance floor... hehe... So just imagine what would happen if "the wild bunch" were to step in... Invading the space in order to liven things up a bit... That's what my friends and I used to do...

You get the point... This energy is about taking the predictable and usual routines and injecting some vitality into it... It just seems to cry out for fun-times and some added excitement... Not to where you take things to extremes, but more to be willing to allow the "inner-child" to "go outside to play".

Each of us can be the ones that make a difference in the lives of others if we are willing & have the courage to step outside the tight control of the matrix and allow the magic to happen... It was my daughter Julie-Bear's Birthday last week... And my nephew Josh and I took Julie-Bear to the Bicycle Store to buy her a new bike... As as we were walking to the cashier with her new bike... Suddenly from out of no-where... Josh goes into a line from the Napoleon Dynamite movie... He says (rather loudly)... "A new Bike... Put it back... You think money grows on trees in this family?"... And all around us, everybody else in the store (as well as Julie-Bear and I) started laughin' so hard... Hearing that come out of an 8 year old's mouth... Priceless!!...

Ok... That may be a bad example, but you get the idea... It's ok to have some fun fercrissakes... Especially with planet energy like this...

Keep the Faith... Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon...

daniel "whelland" dowd

The Daily Horoscope for Leo...

With this kind of daily chart, the planet energy is trying to move you into new directions... This may deal with facing up to your inner fears or insecurities and gaining the determination to overcome your obstacles or restrictions... The fact is that you have 6 planets in/near your sign that are there to help you accomplish this task... A brand new world is waiting for you... Shine!!

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