Daily Horoscope Summary for Sagittarius...

...Horoscope cast for Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

The current chart is a bit nutty and it can hit us in many different ways. We still have Mars, Saturn and Neptune connected. This is going to push people to get things done, but there's going to be a general lack of awareness while doing so, and we might underestimate what we need to accomplish in doing so. It's been like this for a little while though, so you might be settled into the energy by now. That makes a difference, because if you, or someone around you, botched something last week, and goes to do the same thing again, you (or others) can put the hands up and catch it before it happens again.

The rest of the chart is pretty positive though, and it's going to be the prevailing energy for the next few days. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are all aligned, which is going to bring a lot of the onus on goals, material possessions and wealth. We'll discuss these things, we'll try to make power moves to increase our own levels of abundance, and we'll formulate new goals we want to pursue. The downside of that is Mercury going retrograde, which might make impulsive decisions less effective, but if you've thought about things for a while, they can work out well.

Overall, the key is to make sure that you're going through all of the steps you need to on the path to success. The Mars-Saturn-Neptune side of things will want you to get things over as soon as possible, but that's where the problems lie. The Mercury-Venus-Jupiter side of things requires you to do research and understand what you're doing. If you don't know what you're doing, don't wing it. Take the time and find out. It's the kind of decisions where you spend an extra 10-15 minutes here or there making sure of something that can determine whether you're successful or if you blow it (usually on something you should've caught if you were paying attention). There's some bumps in the road, but taking your time can lead to some pretty awesome benefits. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius...

The energy is set up well for broad-scale success, especially in a career sense. You can make important decisions that will shape your future direction. This is going to help you better align the things you're doing with the things you want. Once you have a set direction in mind, it's just a matter of accomplishing the little goals along the way, one step at a time.

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This Month's Void of Course Moon Table
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Aug 31 2016 0:20 am   to   Aug 31 11:22 am Virgo
Sep 2 2016 6:13 pm   to   Sep 2 8:55 pm Libra
Sep 4 2016 8:30 pm   to   Sep 5 8:38 am Scorpio
Sep 7 2016 8:43 pm   to   Sep 7 9:20 pm Sagittarius
Sep 9 2016 8:51 pm   to   Sep 10 8:55 am Capricorn
Sep 12 2016 6:00 am   to   Sep 12 5:29 pm Aquarius
Sep 14 2016 11:31 am   to   Sep 14 10:23 pm Pisces
Sep 16 2016 3:05 pm   to   Sep 17 0:22 am Aries
Sep 18 2016 4:10 pm   to   Sep 19 0:58 am Taurus
Sep 20 2016 11:32 pm   to   Sep 21 1:53 am Gemini
Sep 23 2016 3:57 am   to   Sep 23 4:33 am Cancer
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Today's Chart's Aspects...
08/30/2016 Tue 2:53am EDT Moon Leo Trine Mars Sagittarius
You find it easy to work with other people and tend to pour a lot of energy into those around you. Your home and surroundings reflect this. When it comes to teaching or coaching younger people, you are a natural, always able to motivate and inspire others. With your powerful spirit, you enjoy your strong emotions and have an active social life as well.

08/30/2016 Tue 11:22pm EDT Moon Leo Trine Uranus Aries
You are very original when it comes to home and surroundings -- the environment you build around you. This could also manifest in unusual ways of supporting yourself. Your mother may have been quite eccentric or your upbringing somehow different. When you have breakthroughs, they often come as insights into your immediate surroundings, home, and environment -- your support system in general. This could also manifest in your finding new and different ways to make a living. You may have new ideas about the past, history, and younger people, find it easy to create an unusual environment, and enjoy surrounding yourself with what is new and different.

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This Month's Ingresses...
08/02/2016 Tue 11:46am EDT Mars enters Sagittarius
08/05/2016 Fri 10:22am EDT Venus enters Virgo
08/20/2016 Sat 4:26pm EDT Pallas enters Aquarius
08/22/2016 Mon 11:25am EDT Sun enters Virgo
08/29/2016 Mon 9:01pm EDT Venus enters Libra
This Month's Stations...
08/13/2016 Sat 3:49am EDT Saturn Sagittarius Direct
08/30/2016 Tue 7:50am EDT Mercury Virgo Retrograde
08/31/2016 Wed 9:44am EDT Ceres Taurus Retrograde

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